Dwarves of Tir-Nâ-Bor

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Dwarves of Tir-Nâ-Bor

The dwarves, a proud and tenacious people, live in the heart of the Aegus mountain chain ever since the world was the world. The legends of the plains say that these lofty summits, which touch the domain of the gods, are alive. Rock comes to life with a secret shiver and the mountain rumbles and smokes to the rhythm of huge mechanisms of bronze that animate the underground cities of Tir-Na-Bor.

The dwarves have lived for a long time for their means, without counting on anyone, and without taking part in the dangerous games of treacherous alliances. Their homeland is their soul, and strangers are rarely welcome. Those who live on the plans have perpetuated their people's martial traditions, while those of the mountains practice the secrets of the forge and of steam They all await the Argg-Am-Orkk - the final age. An era of destruction predicted by the gods.

There is no longer any time for experiments and for helping each other, for the long wait over with the coming of the Rag'narok. It is time for war. The dwarves raise their weapons and await death with their feet firmly planted on the ground. He who lives last, lives best!


As far back as their writs can remember, the dwarves have always existed, just like the animals and the mountains. like many others, the history of the nation of Tir-Na-Bor begins during the Winter of Battles.

At the time the climate was so harsh that herbivores began hunting other animals to feed themselves. Civilisations did the same, and the people that waa harassed the most was the only one to have stocked up massive reserves - the dwarves. That is when the gods came to them to offer a deal. Their children, the giants, were dying and their heavenly parents were no longer there to come to their aid. So the invited the dwarves to their domain of the Aegis, this protecting them from winter and the desires of the other peoples in exchange for food that would allow the giants to survive. The deal was made and the dwarves settle in the caves of the Aegis Mountains. Tir-Na-Bor was born.

When the Winter of Battles was over the dwarves appeared from their sanctuary: some returned to the plains and got on with their lives while others decided to remain in the mountains. So the dwarves lived the ages, renewing the vow that bound them to the gods of the Aegis. Tir-Na-Bor developed, sheltered from need: the mountain dwarves discovered the secrets of metal and the power of steam. As for their brethren of the plains, they became formidable warriors. In time, the dwarves' isolationist traditions became less rigid and they finally decided to go and explore Aarklash. That is how Tir-Na-Bor came to sealing its first alliance with the Empire of the Griffin.

Alas, an important event caught the dwarves with the backs to the wall: the appearance of the demons of Mid-Nor. The divinities of the Aegis, are powerless, for the god of chasms is their equal. Until now the dwarves always felt protected from outside threats, but this one comes from inside.

Has the hour of the Argg-Am-Ork - the end of says - finally arrived?

Faction Overview

Overview of Akkyshan


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The Fortresses of Tir-Nâ-Bor
The Fortresses of Tir-Nâ-Bor

The fortress of Tan-Kaïr. For 2 points per model your entire army gains Bravery. Any models already has Bravery do not need to pay the cost t join the Foretress.

This Fortress's solos are very specisliased and not always worth taking. However, when facing the Dwarves of Mid-nor the solo/Demonkiller comes into its own.

There is also a solo for Khor Warriors to gain desperate for 2 points.


For one point per troop this Fortress allows you to re-roll one die every turn.

The solos for ths Fortress are quite restricted. The first solo can only be given to Elghir. The second AND third is a nice way to boost some troops but can’t be given to anybody with steam, khor equipment or who is not small. This means less than 1/3 off your force can use them.

A new fourth one can only be given to khor warriors that gives mastrike.2 for 3 points.


For 1 point per troop type you have the option of holding a part of your force in reserve and let them enter on any edge of the battlefield in later turns.

The solos both rely heavy on your magicians. The Soul of Alphax allows you to give concentration/1 (INI,ATT, DEF) to your troops which can be boosted up to 3 thanks to TF or mana gems.

The second allows two magicians with this solo to exchange gems. A nice way for a low warrior-mage to hand over his gems to a more powerful mage so he cast more and bigger spells.


A nice fortress to hand out some steam equipment or personalise and upgrade it. Unfortunately it doesn’t count for large troops who do have to pay the 1 point to join.

The solos this Fortress allows you to give the forge path to mages who don’t have it or increase the POW of those that do have it. This makes a couple of warrior mages a lot more useful (thermo-priest on razorback) and allows a mage like Bal-Torg (who is cheap) to fully control a steam force.

The second solo gives either the ‘Of Uren’ attribute to troops or if they already have it, it gives feal/1. This way you can either control a lot more troops with the provost of Uren or generate some additional TF to call upon miracles.


This Fortress is free to join and allows you to access the black-blood constructs.

The two solos are ...... [in need of an explanation].


This Fortress costs 2 AP for each model, and in a 400 AP army allows you to choose two models each turn that get the fierce ability. Also when they use it they count as only light wounded.

One solo allows a model to break away by force not matter the opponent's size

The other is only available to a few characters. [Needs more]


For 2 AP for each troop you can keep four extra reserve cards (in a 400 AP army).

The explosive arrow solo is expensive (5AP) for a one shot trick but might be nice if playing against a swarm army with lots of models on the board.

The other was a good way to increase the POW of your lithomancer or te make sure other mages could cast these spells but as the spell selection isn’t very broad (4 available spells) it just isn’t worth it.

The Brotherhood of Bronze

Not every dwarf can join this. Only those that already have steam-equipment, provosts & armourers. They have to pay 5 extra AP and gain steam/STR equipment this is already a very nice ability. The fact that he can give a steam mask is very nice if given to somebody with high courage and movement (Son of Uren is the best example here)

You then have the option have upgrading the bombardier to zone artillery instead of piercing. If you know you come up against a swarm army this might be useful.

If you manage to include two characters in a 400 AP army you get the clan bonus which means getting a +1 to all steam results. This does usually leave you with few numbers and sometimes it’s better not to go for this bonus but for more figs. It is however achievable in a 300 AP (only one needed) and 500 AP (still only two) army.

One word of warning here: Although it is possible to include the four characters from the brotherhood of bronze in other fortresses (under another name and without their special artefacts) it is NOT possible to include other characters in the BoB


This army has some units. General overview of units. Yada yada.


Something something.

Unit Base Points Type Rank Incarnation Reserved Artifacts Reserved Spells / Miracles Capacities / Explanatory Notes
Aegher the Brief 84
Aegher the Brief 129 2nd
Bâl-Torg the Elder 39
Bâl-Torg the Elder 52 2nd
Bâl-Torg the Elder 55 2nd
Brognir, Defender of the Plains 46
Elghir the Resolute 30
Fenggar Fist of Bronze 89
Fenggar Iron Hand 46
Fulgor, Meteor of the Ægis 140
Hirh-Karn the Enraged 157
Kaeghir the Bad-Tempered 78
Kaël the Irascible 124
Kaël the Irascible 150 2nd
Kahinir the Savage 48
Kahinir, Armorer Dwarf 69 2nd
Kal-Nur, Khor Warrior 60 Rag'Narok box
Kûlzarak, Alchemist Dwarf 82
Lor-Arkhon the Deranged 72
Lothan, the Beast of Steel 107
Magnus the Mystical 68
Nerak the Bold 67
Pillgrim the One-Eyed 46
Pilzenbhir, Defender of the Plains 90
Pilzenbhir, Defender of the Plains 105 2nd
Tan-Kaïr, The Fist of Fom-Nur 250


Words about the troops.

Unit Base Points Models per Blister or Box Reserved Artifacts Reserved Spells / Miracles Capacities / Explanatory Notes
Armored Chariot (Ballista)
Armored Chariot (Cannon)
Bhor-Hok the Leader
Black-Blood Automaton
Boor on Razorback 1
Boor on Razorback 2
Boor on Razorback 3
Boor with Axe
Boor with Hammer
Boor with Pick Hammer
Dwarf Armorer
Dwarf Blunderbuss-Wielder
Dwarf Bombardier 1
Dwarf Bombardier 2
Dwarf Musician
Dwarf Standard Bearer
Dwarf with Crossbow
Forge Guardian 1
Forge Guardian 2
Forge Guardian 3
Hunter on Razorback
Khor Knight of Uren (Artcard)
Khor Knight of Uren 1
Khor Knight of Uren 2
Khor Knight of Uren 3
Khor on Attack Razorback
Khor Warrior 1
Khor Warrior 2
Khor Warrior 3
Lithomancer of Tir-Nâ-Bor
Mechanical Familiar
Meteor of the Aegis 1
Meteor of the Aegis 2
Mountain Warrior
Musician of the Plains
Provost of Uren
Soldier of the Plains 1
Soldier of the Plains 2
Soldier of the Plains 3
Soldier of the Plains 4
Standard Bearer of the Plains
Thermo-Priest 1
Thermo-Priest 2
Thermo-Priest of Uren
Thermo-Priest on Razorback
Thermo-Warrior 1
Thermo-Warrior 2
Thermo-Warrior of Uren
Uren's Son
Veteran Forge Guardian
Veteran of the Plains
Young Dwarf on Razorback


Artifacts that came with blisters that are not reserved


Miracles that came with blisters that are not reserved


Spells that came with blisters that are not reserved

Experience Cards

Experience cards that came with blisters for Confrontation 2nd edition

Scenario Cards

Campaigns and adventures that came with blisters for Confrontation 2nd edition


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