The Horn of the Plains

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The Horn of the Plains

The dwarves were going about with their daily business when they heard the distant song of a horn. The eldest among them recognized the powerful sound, understood the meaning of the short notes and exclaimed with a single voice.

"Pilzenbhir! The possessed of Mid-Nor!"

Carrying out a well-practiced maneuver, they grabbed their weapons and gathered in groups of five to head off to battle.

The operation only took a few minutes.

The defenders of the plains roam the wild paths of Tir-Nâ-Bor. When great danger is nigh they blow into their horn using a language made of rudimentary notes to alert their brothers for kilometers around.

When a Defender of the Plains carries one of the objects, all soldiers of the plains in his camp cost 1 A.P. less than their normal value when building an army. Furthermore, the Horn of the Plains' bearer gains the Rallying Cry ability. However, this ability only applies to himself, the soldiers of the plains and any other Defenders of the plains in his camp.

Only a Defender of the Plains can carry a Horn of the Plains.

Tan-Kaïr, The Fist of Fom-Nur, is a Defender of the Plains.

There can only be one Horn of the Plains within a same army.

This object is not counted in the maximum number of objects a Character can carry.

Cost: 6 AP


Pilzenbhir, Defender of the Plains & Brognir, Defender of the Plains are also Defenders of the Plains.