Kelts of the Sessair Clan

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Kelts of the Sessair Clan

The plains of Avagddu are the domain of the proud warriors of the Sessairs clan, the ancestors of all the human peoples of Aarklash. Having come from the sea in immemorial times, the Sessairs worship a pantheon made up of primitive divinities and immortal eherso: Danu, the goddess of natures; Cernunnos, the horned god, and the Matrae devoted to life, war, and death. War is an integral part of Kelt culture, especially that of the Sessairs: they must fight to survice and push back the repeated assaults of their bordering nations. There isn't a single people that the seething Sessairs haven't confronted at least once, and Avagddu has never known lasting peace. The Sessairs are a free and savage people in perpetual motion. Nothing can take their pride or their incredible temerity from them.


It is commonly acknowledged that the people of the Kel make up the first human group to have walked the content of Aarklash. With the passing of time these conquerors divided into several clans that dispersed to settle in this new land. It is, however, a culture of tradition exclusively handed down by word of mouth, which is why this peoples' history is lost in the paradoxes and contradictions of a complex mythology.

The origins of the people of Kel remain for the least unclear. Myths involve a faraway land that these were forced to abandoned to demons that came from the ocean. The men of Kel didn't bring their own religion with them. They had renounced their old divinities that they held responsible for their exile. When they landed on Aarklash, those who claimed to be the children of the goddess Danu and who called themselves ogmanans welcomed the man of Kel. Their sttaures so impressed the newcomers tht they named them Giants.

The ogmanans were friendly and only asked for one thing the men of Kel could settle here under the one condition that they pledges allegiance to Danu. Yet the Kelts refused to submit themselves to a divinity's whims.

The great battles followed. So the men of Kel decided to resort to cunning to strike their enemies straight at the heart. Eladh, son of Avadg, king of the Kel tribe, was charged to seduce Danu and then to kill her. But he was caught in his trap and the young man fell in love with the goddess who turned him into a demigod. Of their union thee girls were born, all three of them at once goddesses and daughters of Kel. This event brought confidence and peace to the hearts of the Kelts and the children of the goddess, who were then able to live in peace together.

This episode marvellously illustrates a fundamental trait of Kelt culture: before submitting to any sovereignty, the Kelt warrior must fight it. He thus proves his valour and then shows his wisdom by putting himself into the hands of a higher authority for the common good.

Faction Overview

Overview of Kelts of the Sessair Clan.


  • Versatility - The Sessairs have access to a range of different ad effective troop types, from ranged troops (Centaurs and archers), melee troops (Giants and Minotaurs), and fast troops (Centaurs, Minotaurs, and Giants).
  • Above average Initiative and Strength
  • Magic - Sessairs have some of the best casters, decent power mixed with mastering no less then four elements.
  • Warfury - The Sessairs have a lot of access to Warfury, which, mixed with the faction's tendency to high model counts, leads to a high number of high-STR attacks


  • Resilience - Sessairs have the lowers average resilience of any faction, with even the heavier troops averaging 8-9 RES.
  • Warfury - Combined with the low Resilience can lead to a lot of attrition in melees.


The Sessairs Tribes
The Sessairs Tribes
The Clan of the Raven
The Guardians of the Scâth
The Horde of Murgan
The Other World
The Wolves of Avagddu


This army has some units. General overview of units. Yada yada.


Something something.

Unit Base Points Type Rank Incarnation Reserved Artifacts Reserved Spells / Miracles Capacities / Explanatory Notes
Argaël, Kelt Centaur 86 Mage Rag'Narok box
Baal the Conqueror 137
Baal the Conqueror 145 2nd
Bragh An Scâthar 95
Crôn the Undefeated 49
Drac Mac Syrö 240
Enoch the Elementalist 80
Gwenlaen the Ever-Proud 66
Hogarth the Colossus 70
Kelen, The Thirteenth Voice 96
Koren the Chosen One 135
Kyran the Hunter 39
Kyran the Hunter 55 2nd
Malal d'Aran 170 Kelt Warrior-Mage Shadow
Malek the Bloodthirsty 60
Malek the Bloodthirsty 82 2nd
Manraidh, Horned Hunter 108
Markhan the Wild 50
Orhain the Erudite 24
Tanath the Young Horned One 98
Thorgrim, Minotaur 140
Viraë, Fianna Priestess 125


Words about the troops.

Unit Base Points Models per Blister or Box Reserved Artifacts Reserved Spells / Miracles Capacities / Explanatory Notes
Centaur Archer
Danu Warrior 1
Danu Warrior 2
Danu Warrior 3
Enchanted Fianna
Fianna Musician
Fianna Totem Bearer
Fury Warrior
Giant Barbarian 1
Giant Barbarian 2
Giant Barbarian with Halberd 1
Giant Barbarian with Halberd 2
Giant Barbarian with Swords 1
Giant Barbarian with Swords 2
Guardian of the Moor
Horned Hunter
Kelt Archer
Kelt Centaur 1
Kelt Centaur 2
Kelt Centaur 3
Kelt Centaur 4
Kelt Centaur 5
Kelt Druid 1
Kelt Druid 2
Kelt Fianna 1
Kelt Fianna 2
Kelt Hunter 1
Kelt Hunter 2
Kelt Mercenary
Kelt Minotaur 1
Kelt Minotaur 2
Kelt Musician
Kelt Shaman
Kelt Standard Bearer
Kelt Warrior 1
Kelt Warrior 2
Minotaur of the Plains
Oracle of Danu
Sessairs Archer
Sessairs Centaur
Sessairs Minotaur
Sessairs Musician
Sessairs Standard Bearer
Sessairs Veteran 1
Sessairs Veteran 2
Sessairs Warrior
Son of Ogmios 1
Son of Ogmios 2
Spasm Warrior 1
Spasm Warrior 2
Spasm Warrior 3


Artifacts that came with blisters that are not reserved


Miracles that came with blisters that are not reserved


Spells that came with blisters that are not reserved

Flaring of the Soul

Experience Cards

Experience cards that came with blisters for Confrontation 2nd edition

Scenario Cards

Campaigns and adventures that came with blisters for Confrontation 2nd edition


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