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There are 16 ranks spread over a scale of four categories

Ranks Specific to Fighters:

Irregular (1): These fighters occasionally join their people's army.

Regular (1): These fighters represent the huge majority of an army's forces.

Veteran (1): Hardened by countless battles, Veterans are among the most reliable troops in an armed force.

Creature (1): Whether they join an army by their own free will or are forced to do so, Creatures turn into killing machines as soon as the battle rages.

Special (2): These warriors master formidable combat techniques that take their enemies by surprise.

Elite (2): Though they are few, these fighters form a major asset for any army.

Living Legend (3): The presence alone of these emblematic figures is enough to galvanize the troops.

Major Ally (4): When require by the situation, fantastic beings join the battlefield.

Ranks Specific to Magicians:

Initiate (1): Such a magician only partly masters the arcana of magic.

Adept (2): An adept is a magicians who can prove to be particularly dangerous thanks to his faculty of combing the effects of several elements.

Master (3): The talent of these magicians knows very few limits.

Virtuoso (4): There are only a handful of such magicians and their power defies imagination.

Ranks Specific to Faithfuls:

Devout (1): The devout make up the mass of faithfuls who spread the word of their divinity among their brothers.

Zealot (2): A zealot shows greater grasp of the aspects of faith than do the devout. Moreover, he has a much better understanding of the divine designs.

Dean (3): Deans are the chosen ones among the faithful. Their divinity's gaze has landed on them just for an instant.

Avatar (4): An avatar is the manifestation of a divinity.