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Version Rulebooks Extensions Notes
Confrontation Core (FR / DE)

Incantation (FR / DE)

Incarnation (FR / DE)

Confrontation V2 (C2) Core (EN / FR / DE / ES / IT)

Divination (EN / FR / DE / ES / IT)

Fortification (EN / FR / DE / ES / IT)

Incantation (EN / FR / DE / ES / IT)

Incarnation (EN / FR / DE / ES / IT)

C2 FAQ EN - Rough Translation


Incarnation FAQ EN - Rough Translation

C2 Compilation Book (IT)

Confrontation V3 (C3) Core (EN / FR / DE / ES / IT)

Booklet (EN / FR / DE / ES / IT)

Dogs of War (EN / FR / DE / ES / IT) Confrontation GDR Tournament 2007 Rules

NACORD Tournament 2007 Rules

NACORD Scenarios 2007

UKCORD Tournament 2009 Rules

UKCORD Scenarios 2009

UKCORD Scenario Rules 2009

Initiation Set Rulebook

Rulebook Resume p.207

Confrontation V3.5 (C3.5) Core (EN / FR) Living FAQ
Confrontation V4 (Confrontation Age of Rag'Narok - C4) Core (EN / FR) Book of Dirz

Book of Griffin

Book of Wolfen

Book of Lion

Book of Acheron

Rag'Narok (v1.0 & v1.5) Core (EN (v1.5) / FR (v1.0)) Aarklash Universe Book (EN)

Rag'Narok Universe Book (FR)

UKCORD Rag'Narok Tournament Rules 2005

RagNarok FAQ EN - Rough Translation

Rag'Narok 2 Cry Havoc Introduction EN Mystics Doc
Hybrid Core (EN / FR) Nemesis (EN / FR) Tiles
Cadwallon Player's Handbook


Secrets 1 (EN / FR)

Secrets 2 (EN / FR)

Secrets 3

Secrets 3 was never released nor proofed, but numerous calls to it in the previous Secrets

Fan errata and translation corrections have been made for all released books

Secrets 2 - Rough Translation

Tiles A

Tiles B

Tiles C

Tiles D

No cheatin'

Unofficial Confrontation Rulesets
Version Location Current Status Notes
Confrontation Confede Live Confrontation Conf'federation (French) - Translation of rules and cards (In Progress)
Confrontation Continuum In Progress Temple of the West
Confrontation Evo Live Confrontation Evo team (Italian)
Confrontation Legacy Confrontation Legacy Edition Rules Live Sweet Ass Games
Confrontation Phoenix (v5 / 5.5) Confrontation Phoenix Rules

Confrontation Phoenix v5.5 Updates

Dead Cool Mini or Not - Blackball Games, Inc

Ram Stats

Rat Stats

Confrontation Resurrection Elemental Rules FR (beta) Dead Sans Detour (defunct)
Confrontation X Dead German re-write of Confrontation 3.x
Unofficial Cadwallon Rulesets
Version Location Current Status Notes
Aarklash - A GeneSys Setting In Progress The Second Erratum team
Official Novels
Novel Name Location Author Notes
The Ashes of Wrath Download The Ashes of Wrath Mathieu Gaborit The Second Erratum team publication.

Story of S'Erum and the fall of the Erratum

The Fault of Kaïber Download the Fault of Kaïber Mathieu Gaborit The Second Erratum team publication.

Story of Syd de Kaïber, the Trihedron, the assault by Acheron on Kaïber Fortress and the ascension of Syd as General.

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