Alchemists of Dirz

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Alchemists of Dirz



A mad project was hatched one day in the mind of Dirz, an Akkylannian scientist-monk: the creation of the perfect being according to the criteria by the one god. To do so he called on the impious knowledge of the Order of the Black Togas of Acheron. His ambition brought him to his downfall and then to exile. Accompanied by about a hundred followers, he was forced to flee the Akkylannian lands when the Inquisition declared him a genetic.

It's in the heart of the desert of Syharhalna that he found the salvation and support of a god, name Arh-Tolth. From their communion was bown what was ot become one of the most powerful nations of Aarklash: the Empire of Dirz.

Dirz used the knowledge given by Arh-Tolth to develop a first generation of clones, the Arhteths. These creatures, as aggressive as they are gigantic, protected the desert against Akkylannian troops before turning on their own creators.

So the alchemists created a second generation of clones, the Isateph, who allowed the Syhars to conquer the desert.

Several events then marked the history of the alchemists of Dirz, among which is the arrival of the goblin ambassadors of N0-Dan-Kar. From their extremely rich genetic potential were born the first rocs, who later rose in rebellion: some fled into the desert while others attempted to overthrow their masters.

Weakened, the alchemists then knew the most tragic incident in their history. Mysterious warrior appeared one desert night and attacked Shamir. Hundreds of Syhars - men, women and children - died atrociously. Dirz was found badly wounded in the Shamir ruins.

Unable to govern, the Heresiearch transmitted his powers to Basyleus Antykain before falling into a torpor from which he never awakened.

The new Shamir was builtat a few days march from where the old one stood. The Syhar Empire was slowly being born again.

Basyleus Villa currently reins as the supreme emperor over the Empire of the Scorpion. He continues the research started several hundred years earlier by the Heresiarch himself.

Faction Overview

Overview of Akkyshan


  • Flexibility - Dirz has a wide range of troops with something useful in every category.
  • Their racial ability is - Mutagenic/X - gives one die for every partial 100ap on the field with the ability, again feeding into the ability to adapt for the required situation.
  • Access to sword-axes - this weapons allows the user to upgrade a wound that comes up Critica as the final result on the wound chart to a Killed Out Right.


  • Mutagenic is not a beginner-friendly rule and take some time to master.
  • Their flexibility comes at the price of being a "jack of all trades, master of none".
  • Complete lack of access to artillery and flyers.


The Laboratories of the Scorpion
The Laboratories of the Scorpion
Noctis Project


This army has some units. General overview of units. Yada yada.


Something something.

Unit Base Points Type Rank Incarnation Reserved Artifacts Reserved Spells / Miracles Capacities / Explanatory Notes
Abhan Djamir, Dawn Warrior 51 Warrior Scorpion Veteran Champion Rag'Narok box
Arkeon Sanath 89 Warrior Scorpion Veteran Champion The Rage of the Desert
Azhyan Adjaran 74 Warrior Scorpion Special Champion


The Laboratories of the Scorpion Card Pack
Cypher Lukhan 136 Warrior Scorpion Elite Champion Mutagenic Surge The Dominator

The Dominating

Cypher Lukhan 140 Warrior Scorpion Elite Champion 2nd 2nd Incarnation Card Pack Vol 2

Keratis Warriors, the Dominators box

Kayl Kartan 56 Mage Scorpion Initiate Champion The Skull of Souls
Kayl Kartan 74 Mage Scorpion Adept Champion 2nd 2nd Incarnation Card Pack
Kheris, Clone 66U184 44 Warrior Scorpion Regular Champion The Blade of Shekara
Kithairin Saar 160 Warrior Scorpion Elite Shadow Travel Journals 2 Card Pack
Lady Claudia Nessalith 65 Faithful Scorpion Zealot Champion The Caress of Arh-Tolth Lady Claudia Nessalith
Razheem the Insane 309 Warrior Scorpion Living-Legend Champion Djinn Treatment

Symbiotic Armor

The Insane's Panache

The Mad Commodore
Salias Yesod 72 Mage Scorpion Warrior-Mage Champion 2nd Alchemical Clyster***

The Homunculus

The Prowlers of Shamir
Sasia Samaris (Cloak) 162 Mage Scorpion Adept Champion 2nd The Blade of Siajan

The Hemostite Mask

The Crimson Vestal

Symbiotic Attack The Cloak of Crawling 2

The Fire and the Malice

Sasia Samaris box
Sasia Samaris (Foot) 84 Mage Scorpion Adept Champion 2nd
Sasia Samaris, The Rose of the Sands 134 Mage Scorpion Adept Champion The Cloak of Crawling 1
Sethin, Dawn Warrior 59 Warrior Scorpion Veteran Champion
Sîn Assyris 98 Warrior Scorpion Special Champion Fang of Greed The Hand of Basyleüs
Sykho Volesterus 27 Faithful Scorpion Devout Champion
The Nemesis Beast 182 Warrior Scorpion Creature Shadow Travel Journals 3 Card Pack
Thissan Ka 110 Warrior Scorpion Elite Champion


Meriaghen's Shield The Guardian of Danakil Confrontation Initiation Set box

Confrontation Starter Set box

Vargas Metatron 49 Warrior Scorpion Regular Champion
Vargas Metatron 61 Warrior Scorpion Veteran Champion 2nd 2nd Incarnation Card Pack
Ysis, The Viper of the Desert 70 Warrior Scorpion Special Champion


Words about the troops.

Unit Base Points Models per Blister or Box Reserved Artifacts Reserved Spells / Miracles Capacities / Explanatory Notes
Aberration 120 The Alchemical Aberration Hybrid box
Aberration Prime 180 The Aberration Prime

Aberration Prime - Armors

Aberration Prime - Heads

Aberration Prime - Weapons

Abberation Prime box
Alchemical Veteran 14 Scorpion War-Staff box
Belisarius Clone 22
Belisarius Warrior 22 The Laboratories of the Scorpion card pack
Centurus Clone 1 56 The Centurus Clones VPC Centurus Clone 1
Centurus Clone 2 56 VPC Centurus Clone 2
Clone of Dirz 1 11 3 Interchangeable weapons
Clone of Dirz 2 11 Box Clones of Dirz box

Interchangeable weapons

Clone of Dirz 3 11
Clone of Dirz 4 11
Crimson Fury 26 1 The Crimson Furies
Crimson Servant 12 The Crimson Servants
Dasyatis Clone 1 89 Anthemis Treatment

Atlas Treatment

Antimone Treatment

The Dasyatis Clones
Dasyatis Clone 2 89
Dasyatis Guard 89 The Laboratories of the Scorpion card pack
Dawn Warrior 17
Dirz Biopsist 1 31
Dirz Biopsist 2 31
Dirz Crossbowman 1 13
Dirz Crossbowman 2 13
Dirz Halberdier 9
Dirz Musician 15
Hybrid 20 Hybrid box

The Heresiarch's Rejects box

Jadharis Clone 33 The Jadharis Clones
Keratis Warrior 1 26
Keratis Warrior 2 26
Keratis Warrior 3 33 Keratis Warriors, The Dominators box
Keratis Warrior 4 33
Musician of Dirz 14 Scorpion War-Staff box
Nefarius Clone 105 The Nefarius Clones
Nemesis Clone 80 The Nemesis Clones Hybrid-Nemesis box
Pest of Flesh 12 The Phemora Clones Hybrid box

The Heresiarch's Rejects box

Scorpion Neuromancer 33 The Masters of the Mind
Scorpion Oriflamme 26 The Oriflamme of Shamir Living-Legend
Sentinel of Danakil 1 25 The Guardian of Danakil Confrontation Initiation Set box

Confrontation Starter Set box

The Sentinels of Danakil box

Sentinel of Danakil 2 25
Sentinel of Danakil 3 25
Skorize Warrior 32 The Scorpion Claws
Standard Bearer of Dirz 14 Scorpion War-Staff box
Standard Bearer of the Scorpion 14 Warriors of the Rag'Narok card pack
Tarascus of Dirz 550 Tarascus Charge

Tarascus Jaws



The Tarascus

Tarascus box



VPC Alternative Head

Tiger of Dirz 1 51
Tiger of Dirz 2 51
Tiger of Dirz 3 51
Tiger of Shamir 60 The Laboratories of the Scorpion card pack
Vicar of Dirz 29 The Dark Blades
Warlike Moloch 90 The Warlike Molochs Grimoire: Typhonism


Artifacts that came with blisters that are not reserved

Endocrinal Treatment

Hexalid Crossbow

Neuro-Sting of Pain

Oculus Treatment

The Companion of Torments

Treatment M65 "Dark Blood"


Miracles that came with blisters that are not reserved

Encephalic Laceration

Claws of Arh-Tolth

Tunic of Blood


Spells that came with blisters that are not reserved

Bloody Bitterness

Dark Arcana

Desert Wind

Orb of Blackness

Plasmatic Silica

Spiritual Perversion

Suspect Injection


The Eye of the Hunter

The Kiss of Darkness

Word of Pain

Grimoire: Typhonism

Experience Cards

Experience cards that came with blisters for Confrontation 2nd edition



The Kiss of the Desert

Scenario Cards

Campaigns and adventures that came with blisters for Confrontation 2nd edition

The Root of All Evil

Salias' Scenario


  • Scorpion Oriflamme is one of a few non-Character Living-Legend units.