Warlike Moloch

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Warlike Moloch

MOV: 15 / 15

INI: 4

ATT/STR: 5 / 10

DEF/RES: 5 / 10

AIM: -


DIS: 3

Equipment: Black weapon.

Abilities: <Alliance / Meanders of Darkness>. <Being of Darkness / 2>. <Flight>. <Initiate of Darkness / Typhonism>. <Mutagenic / 0>. <Warrior-Mage>.

(<Immortal>. <immunity / Fear>. <Immunity / Toxic>.)

Rank: Scorpion Initiate. Immortal of Darkness.

Power: 3

Cost: 90 AP

Included in Moloch box (May 2007)

Death Bringer Moloch

The Death Bringer Molochs

Famished Moloch

The Famished Molochs

Plaguestricken Moloch

The Plaguestricken Molochs

The Warlike Molochs


Cry Havoc 16 included a spell book called Grimoire: Typhonism. It was never officially released in English. The TSE team has translated and created its cards.