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The gods themselves cannot manifest themselves on Aarklash, but the celestial and abyssal legions are here to prove that the legends really are true.

The Immortals are split into groups like the Alliances: The Ways of Light, the Paths of Destiny and the Meanders of Darkness. A given army can only include Immortals that follow the same path as it does. An Immortal can join an army in two ways:

  • He is summoned before the battle: In this case the A.P. cost printed on his reference card is to be paid when the army is built.
  • He is summoned during the battle by a faithful who has the appropriate miracle.

There are three circles that symbolize the power and the place of the Immortals in the divine hierarchy. The closer an Immortal’s circle is to the heart of Creation, the harder it is to summon him. Each Immortal has one of the abilities below. For each one, X corresponds to the circle the fighter comes from.

The third circle includes minor beings, servants to the celestial or demonic powers.

The second circle is made up of fighters of the legions that would flood Aarklash if the gods should return among mortals.

And finally, the first circle is made up of the most powerful and respected beings of the forbidden spheres. Their powers defy imagination...

All Immortals have the <Immunity / Toxic> ability.