Immunity / X

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Immunities are magical or natural properties that protect certain fighters. A fighter with this ability does not fear the effects of X or Wounds located in the X zone of the Wound Table.


  • Immunity / Fear: The fighter is immune to all forms of fear.
  • Immunity / Fire: The fighter is immune to the effects of spells cast using only gems of Fire (the gems used to improve the mastery of the spell are not counted).
  • Immunity / Head: The fighter ignores all Damage Rolls located at the head.
  • Immunity / Exceptional Wounds: The fighter ignores all Damage Rolls whose natural result is a double.
  • Immunity / <Master Strike>: The fighter considers master strikes aimed at him to be normal attacks.
  • Immunity / Encumbered or impassable ground: The fighter considers the specified type of ground to be normal ground.