Immortals, Elementals & Familiars

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The Elemental Realms



Stuff happened. I bet someone died once.

Faction Overview

Overview of Akkyshan


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This army has some units. General overview of units. Yada yada.


Something something.

Unit Base Points Type Rank Reserved Artifacts Reserved Spells / Miracles Capacities / Explanatory Notes
Idabaoth, Sihir of Fire 287 Warrior Elemental Living-Legend Shadow Travel Journal 1 Card Pack
Meghan the Enchantress 175 Mage Stateless Shadow

Immortal Master of Destiny

Travel Journal 3 Card Pack
Na'Goth, Sihir of Darkness 260 Warrior Elemental Living-Legend Champion Elementals of Darkness

Grasp of the Void

The Chimera 500 Mage Lion Virtuoso Champion

Immortal of Light


The Engagement Ring of Light

The Perfect Gem

The Thousand Faces of the Chimera The Chimera box
The Messenger of Light 550 Mage Lion Virtuoso Champion Immortal of Light / 1


Words about the troops.

Unit Base Points Models per Blister or Box Reserved Artifacts Reserved Spells / Miracles Capacities / Explanatory Notes
Air Elemental 75 1 Celestial Lord

The Air Elementals

Angel of Light 18 3 Immortal of Light
Archon of the Faathi 90 1 The Archons of the Faathi Immortal of Destiny
Cynwäll Wyrm 750 1 (box) The Wyrms

Winged Hurricane

Wyrm Breath



Immortal of Light



Death Bringer Moloch 90 4 (box) The Death Bringer Molochs Immortal of Darkness
Daïkinee Sylph 15 2 The Daïkinee Sylphs Immortal of Destiny
Earth Elemental 75 1 The Force of the Earth

The Earth Elementals

Elemental of Darkness 75 1 Elementals of Darkness

Grasp of the Void

Elemental of Light 75 1 Elementals of Light

Soverign Clarity

Mirvilis, Baron of Allmoon box
Emissary of Light 25 Emissaries of Light Immortal of Light
Familiar of Air 15 3 The Messengers of the Winds
Familiar of Darkness 15 3 Those That Whisper in the Darkness
Familiar of Fire 15 3 A Temperament of Fire
Familiar of Light 15 3 The Children of the Stars
Familiar of the Earth 15 3 Heart of Stone
Familiar of Water 15 3 The Riders on the Storm
Famished Moloch 90 4 (box) The Famished Molochs Immortal of Darkness
Fire Elemental 75 1 Flaming Eruption

The Fire Elementals

Ira Tenebrae 18 3 Immortal of Darkness
Mandigorn Warrior 55 1 Immortal of Destiny
Mountain Warrior 159 1 (box) Mountain Warriors

Mountain Shield

Giant's Vow

Immortal of Destiny
Plaguestricken Moloch 90 4 (box) The Plaguestricken Molochs Immortal of Darkness
Sparkling 12 3 The Sparklings Mirvilis, Baron of Allmoon box
Succubus 1 40 1 The Succubi Immortal of Darkness
Succubus 2 40 1
Sylvan Animae 1 16 3 The Alliance of Blood Immortal of Destiny

Predators of Blood box

Sylvan Animae 2 16 3
Unicorn 40 1 (box) Unicorns Immortal of Light
Warlike Moloch 90 4 (box) The Warlike Molochs Immortal of Darkness
Warriors of the Faathi 15 No models Immortal of Destiny
Water Elemental 75 1 The Water Elementals
Worg (Waning Moon) 100 1 (box) Immortal of Destiny


Worg (Waxing Moon) 100 1 (box)


Artifacts that came with blisters that are not reserved


Miracles that came with blisters that are not reserved

Angel of Light Summoning

Immortal Disciple

Ira Tenebrae Summoning

Mandigorn Ressurection

Prophecy of the Eagle

Sylvan Animae Summoning

Talon of Thunder


Spells that came with blisters that are not reserved

Astral Body

Aura of Hyperion


Beam of Light

Beauty of the Devil


Breeze of Invisibility

Burning Trap

Chthonian Eruption

Chthonian Lines


Death Toll

Demonic Plague

Demonic Speed

Demon Weapon

Dhalilia's Dance

Earth Elemental Summoning

Earthen Primal Attack

Elemental Acolyte

Elemental Drowning

Fire Elemental Summoning


Flight of the Soul

Fulminating Possession

Gem of Artifice

Hand of Giants



Incandescent Swarm

Internal Rage

Javelin of the Abyss

Major Malediction

Meteoric Cloud

Minor Portal of Darkness

Monstrous Leprosy

Mystical Famish

Pearl of Purification

Petite Mort

Premonitory Vision

Primal Attack of Air

Primal Attack of Darkness

Primal Water Attack




Shadow of Plague

Source of Air

Source of Darkness

Source of Earth

Source of Fire

Speed of the Wind

Star of the Abyss

Strident Whistle


Summoning of Air

Summoning of Darkness

Supreme Banishment


Tenebrous Scarification

The Earth's Embrace

The Kiss of Mnemosyne

The Strange Art



Troubles Water

Veil of Fog


Wall Breacher

Wall of Earth

Wall of Fire

Warrior of Alphax

Water Source

Water Summoning


We Are Legion

Experience Cards

Experience cards that came with blisters for Confrontation 2nd edition

Scenario Cards

Campaigns and adventures that came with blisters for Confrontation 2nd edition


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