Winged Hurricane

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Winged Hurricane

Titan: Wyrm

Orientation: -

The silhouette of a winged reptile suddenly blocked the sun, taking away the confidence of the enemies of Lanever. The wyrm then swept down onto the battlefield and landed, beating its wings powerfully. The sturdiest fighters had to stand fast on their two feet not to fall because of the strong gusts of wind.

The wyrm has to be at Level 0 to use Winged Hurricane. A test of Resilience (diff. 10) is made for every friendly or enemy fighter/Unit (according to the games) situation, even partially, within 15 cm of the wyrm.

Rag'Narok: The test is made with the Resilience of the troops of the Unit. If it is a group of Indepenedent characters, the weakest Resilience is used.

If it is a failure, the fighter/Unit's Movement is reduced to 0 and sufferes -1 on the final result of his/its Initiative, Attack and Defence tests til the end of the round.