Wolfen of Yllia

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Wolfen of Yllia



The history of the Wolfen is in their image: instinctive, savage and primitive. The people of the Moon hasn't kept a real trace of its evolution. Yllia's wolves perpetrate their culture through collection of legends transmitted by word of mouth or represented by shamans on the Strips of Whispers. The great Wolves of the past and of the present are this shown as an example and define the Wolfen's warrior ways better than dates.

One night Yllia came down from her celestial thrones to visit the Realm of Mortals. While the moon was filled with wonder by nature's beauty, her grace landed on a pack of wolves. The purity and the power of these noble animals subjugated the goddess. Of all creatures, no other deserved to become lords of his Realm more then the Wolf.

Except perhaps the craftsman: this being had rejected its instinct in order to build tools. The Moon plunged her gaze deep into a body of water and there she saw the future. The Craftsman would use his corrupt mind to enslave the Wolf. This should not be so.

So Yllia went to see the most powerful of all wolves and blessed him with her love. This the First-Born and his descendants, the Wolfen, would eternally punish the Craftsman's offspring for having foresworn the laws of nature.

Yllia revealed to her children the secrets of her magic by teaching them the language of the Strips of Whispers. The Moons also showed them how to forge weapons as sharp as her own crescent.

But Yllia had to prevent the Craftsman's corruptions from tainting the mind of her warriors. Every time the Wolfen used the goddess' divine gifts, Yllia came to test their purity by demanding a sacrifice, be it large or small.

That is how the Wolfen crossed the centuries, always faithful to their traditions and their powerful instinct.

They prospered all over Aarklash, travelling in packs and raising Circles of Stones wherever Yllia transmitted her wisdom, her strength and her magic.

Faction Overview

Overview of the Wolfen:


  • High attack
  • High strength
  • High movement
  • Above average Initiative
  • Born Killer
  • Fear
  • The best faithful in the game


  • Low Defence
  • Low Resilience
  • Low numbers
  • Low Discipline
  • Not much in the magic department


The Wolfen Packs
The Wolfen Packs
The Howling Pack
The Path of Opal
The Red Oaks
The Throne of Stars
The Twilight Hills
The Wheel of Dreams


This army has some units. General overview of units. Yada yada.


Something something.

Unit Base Points Type Rank Incarnation Reserved Artifacts Reserved Spells / Miracles Capacities / Explanatory Notes
Agyar the Unyielding 118 Warrior Wolfen Special Champion

Howling Pack

Aphorys, Wolfen Repentant 69 Warrior Wolfen Irregular Champion Rag'Narok box
Asgarh, Pack Leader 205 Warrior Wolfen Elite Champion
Asgarh, Pack Leader 346 Warrior Wolfen Living-Legend Champion
Ashan'Tyr 89 Warrior Wolfen Special Champion
Bashkar, Pack Leader 170 Warrior Wolfen Elite Champion

Silver Eye

Irix the Sibyl 1 70 Mage Wolfen Initiate Champion
Irix the Sibyl 2 87 Mage Wolfen Initiate Champion
Irix the Fury 120 Mage Wolfen Adept Champion 2nd
Irix the Selene 230 Mage Wolfen Master Champion 3rd
Isakar, the Watcher 90 Warrior Wolfen Veteran Champion

Twilight Hills

Kaëliss Voice of the Pariahs 70 Warrior Daïkinee / Wolfen Regular Champion

Howling Pack

Kassar the Fugitive 86 Warrior Wolfen / Devourer Irregular Champion 2nd
Killyox the Exiled 129 Warrior Wolfen Elite Champion 2nd
Killyox, Pack Leader 152 Warrior Wolfen Elite Champion
Lykaï the Freed 80 Warrior Wolfen Special Champion

Howling Pack

Onyx the Prowler 73 Warrior Wolfen Regular Champion
Onyx the Prowler 92 Warrior Wolfen Regular Champion 2nd
Ophyr the Guardian 155 Mage Wolfen Adept Champion
Saphyr, Wolfen Lonewolf 98 Mage Wolfen Warrior-Mage Champion

Howling Pack

Selenite Lonewolf 55 Mage Wolfen Warrior-Mage Champion
Syriak the Intrepid 50 Faithful Wolfen Devout Champion
Syriak Pack Leader 90 Faithful Wolfen Zealot Champion

Red Oaks

The Watcher 76 Warrior Wolfen Regular Champion
Varghar 79 Warrior Wolfen Regular Champion


Words about the troops.

Unit Base Points Models per Blister or Box Reserved Artifacts Reserved Spells / Miracles Capacities / Explanatory Notes
Grave Guardian 1
Grave Guardian 2
Guardian of the Runes
Howling Hunter
Howling Predator (Cry Havoc)
Howling Predator
Howling Vestal
Predator of Blood 1
Predator of Blood 2
Predator of Blood 3
Predator with Blade 1
Predator with Blade 2
Repentant Great Fang
Repentant of Morn
She-Wolf of Ice
Ultimate Predator
Wolfen Fang Warrior
Wolfen Great Fang
Wolfen Hunter (Range)
Wolfen Hunter
Wolfen Lonewolf 1
Wolfen Lonewolf 2
Wolfen Predator
Wolfen Prowler
Wolfen Repentant 1
Wolfen Repentant 2
Wolfen Sacred Vestal
Wolfen Sentinel
Wolfen Shadow Tracker
Wolfen Tracker 1
Wolfen Tracker 2
Wolfen Vestal
Wolfen Warrior 1
Wolfen Warrior 2
Wolfen with Crossbow 1
Wolfen with Crossbow 2
Worg (Waning Moon)
Worg (Waxing Moon)


Artifacts that came with blisters that are not reserved


Miracles that came with blisters that are not reserved


Spells that came with blisters that are not reserved

Experience Cards

Experience cards that came with blisters for Confrontation 2nd edition

Scenario Cards

Campaigns and adventures that came with blisters for Confrontation 2nd edition


  • Wolfen are the only army that have multiple shared profiles with other armies, cf Kaëliss and Kassar.
  • Wolfen are the only army that has a reissued 1st incarnation and a 3rd incarnation of the same character, cf Irix