Concord of the Eagle

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Concord of the Eagle



The story of the Concord of the Eagle begins on the western shores of Aarklash, when the men from Kel came ashore near Kel-An-Tiraidh. The ogmanan giants and the centaurs, worshippers of the earth goddess Danu and the solar god Lahn, greeted these strangers and offered them shelter, on one unique condition: that they worship Danu. The people of Kel, forced to exile by the manipulations of the gods of its homeland, categorically refused. A terrible war began, which ended only when the goddess Danu herself, unfaithful to her celestial husband, united with Cernunnos, then prince of Kel, and gave him three daughters. Centaurs, ogmanans and humans then formed one peaceful nation. Lahn gave in to jealousy and became the sinister Scatach, the Shadowy, and in turned charmed the impetuous prince. The fruit of their union was Agoth, the first formor, an extremely evil being. Cernunnos, caught off guard, fled to never be seen again. A handful of his followers left to find him, cursing the gods and their manipulations again. From that schism were born two cultures, still enemies to this day: the Sessairs, worshippers of Danu and Light, and the Drunes, worshippers of Cernunnos and Darkness. Soon, the races present on Aarklash before the coming of men witnessed the expansion of the Sessairs throughout the Avagddu plains and the first massacres committed by the dark Drunes.


Only one race dared stand against the growing menace: the minotaurs. The minotaurs had, in immemorial times, been given a prophecy which announced the coming of the humans and the age of steel which was to follow. This prediction had been given to them by Thunder-eagle, the messenger from the Faathi which composed the trinity of Destiny. Alas, the struggle of the minotaurs was in vain. The bloody battles fought in the name of Destiny were not enough to contain the expansion of the humans. The minotaur archons, guardians of balance, then called upon the other races of Aarklash to join them in their hopeless mission... in vain. No one wanted to believe that the humans, split between Darkness and Light and so quick in destroying themselves, could prosper to the point of putting Destiny in danger. The minotaurs, decimated by years of fighting, admitted their defeat and spread across Aarklash. Most mingled with the Kelts, whose emblem they soon became. Others, under the cover of being mercenaries, gave themselves up to the whims of Destiny. The minotaur archons followed Thunder-eagle to the Black mountain, cradle of their race. There they invoked Abhardin, Asura and Nyris, oracles of the Faathi, and left for the Realm of Shenroth in a gigantic fortress floating through the air.


The centuries passed, witness to the unstoppable human expansion. The kelt tribes conquered Avagddu and gave birth to new nations bound to Light and Darkness: the Lions of Alahan, the Griffons of Akkylania, the Limbo of Acheron and the Alchemists of Dirz. The Paths of Destiny could do nothing against the humans and left their land on which empires and kingdoms were built. Everywhere, Light and Darkness imposed their rule. Many warlords of Destiny, inspired by the faithful, now remember the prophecy of the Eagle and agree that the wars of humanity have sown discord and started the Rag’narok. Elves, dwarves, ogres, orcs, trolls and Wolfen, along with centaurs and giants from the Horde of Murgan and a handful of goblins who have rebelled against the authority of their emperor, have gathered around the minotaurs. They have led them, in turn, to the Black mountain, north of Bran-O-Kor. There, on the Eagle’s plateau, they have fulfilled the ritual of Destiny and opened Shenroth’s portal, freeing the Thunder-eagle and the immortal army of the Faathi.


The Concord of the Eagle regroups warriors of Destiny who intend to keep humanity from consuming Aarklash. These warriors are willing to do anything to restore the elemental balance. Their army comes from both Aarklash and Shenroth. Relations between these two communities are handled by the minotaurs, who have prospered on both sides of the portal of the Black mountain. The archons have good relations with their descendants born on Aarklash.


The warriors native to Aarklash have decided to put aside their differences in the name of a common cause. Some, like the dwarves or the Wolfen, come from races who were there before the coming of man. Others, like the orcs, have appeared as the ages went by. Yet others, like the centaurs and the ogmanan giants, have seen their culture absorbed or destroyed by human civilization and see in the Concord of the Eagle a way to avenge their ancestors. Under the tutoring of the archons and the oracles of the Faathi, the warriors of the Eagle have learned shen, the language of Shenroth, to communicate efficiently before and during the battle. The Concord is led by a war staff composed of Asthenas, a centaur knight raised following Dracynran traditions, Norrstrom, a mountain giant from Naél-Tarn, Khulrtin, rebel raik from the Sarkai tribe, and Gurath, the minotaur, Hurricane of the Black mountain. These warlords regularly meet with Velkanos, leader of the Horde of Murgan, but are never able to convince him to join them for good.


The army from Shenroth is much smaller, but just as varied as the one from Aarklash. It is composed of Immortals united under the authority of three beings of great power: the Thunder-eagle and his two oracles, Abhartin and Nyris. The minotaur archons form the personal guard of these princes from Shenroth and loyally serve the cause of the Faathi. Since the beginning of the Rag’narok, the balance of natural forces is in peril. As time went by, the army of Shenroth has rallied many elemental beings from ; conquered or devastated Realms. These past few years, their number has kept increasing. Shenroth is a suspended world made up of many small “isles” of various sizes floating in a sky of everchanging colors. The flying lands of Shenroth are linked to one another by elemental portals which look like vortexes. The army of the Faathi has always moved about Shenroth by use of Abharin ‘s flying fortress.


The flight of the Thunder-eagle has announced the Concord’s entrance into the war. The armies of the Faathi are already engaged in a great battle against the Possessed of the Abyss who infest the areas near Fom-Nur and the Red oak forest. Abhartin’s legion, flying over Bran-O-Kor, has annihilated many Akkylannian outposts and is heading to the south to give a hand to the Thunder riders against the Syharhalnian army.


Centuries of fighting have not spared the army of Shenroth. It has lost one of its oracles, Asura, during a war in the dark Realm of Phobos. Left for dead on the battlefield, Asura lost his reason and the temptations of the power of Darkness submerged him. He returned to Aarklash when the archimage Kaïan Draghost opened the portal to Phobos. Asura then became Asura of Sarlath, Father of one of the dark houses of Acheron. The fallen oracle has sensed the presence of his brothers (and vice-versa) during the ritual of Destiny. The flying fortress of the house of Sarlath, recently torn from the ground of Acheron (see Cry Havok 06) will eventually cross paths with Abharûn’s. The resulting battle will be terrible !

Faction Overview

Overview of Concord of the Eagle


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Cry Havoc 10 additional units.

Playing the Concord of the Eagle


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Unit Base Points Type Rank Notes
Asthenas, Centaur Knight 135 Warrior Eagle Elite Champion
Units from Cry Havoc 10
Centaur Elite Champion of the Eagle 148 Warrior Eagle Elite Champion Baal the Conqueror 2nd Inc Stats Only
Dwarf Initiate Champion of the Eagle 40 Mage Eagle Initiate Champion Bâl-Torg the Elder 1st Inc Stats Only
Giant Elite Champion of the Eagle 95 Warrior Eagle Elite Champion Bragh An Scâthar Stats Only
Dwarf Regular Champion of the Eagle 48 Warrior Eagle Regular Champion Brognir, Defender of the Plains Stats Only
Dwarf Devout Champion of the Eagle 31 Faithful Eagle Devout Champion Elghir the Resolute Stats Only
Goblin Initiate Champion of the Eagle 25 Mage Eagle Initiate Champion Gidzzit the Bell-Ringer 1st Inc Stats Only
Dwarf Regular Champion of the Eagle 48 Warrior Eagle Regular Champion Kahinir the Savage Stats Only
Dwarf Adept Champion of the Eagle 70 Mage Eagle Adept Champion Magnus the Mystical Stats Only
Dwarf Elite Champion of the Eagle 113 Warrior Eagle Elite Champion Pilzenbhir, Defender of the Plains 2nd Inc Stats Only
Orc Regular Champion of the Eagle 66 Warrior Eagle Regular Champion Rantakh Stats Only
Goblin Devout Champion of the Eagle 22 Faithful Eagle Devout Champion Xherus the Visionary Stats Only


Words about the troops.

Unit Base Points Models per Blister or Box Capacities / Explanatory Notes
Archon of the Faathi 90 1 The Archons of the Faathi
Archon of the Faathi 91
Warriors of the Faathi 15
Units from CH10
Air Elemental 80 1 Celestial Lord

The Air Elementals

Black Troll 84 1 (box) The Arm Ripper Black Troll box
Boor on Razorback 17 1
Brute Musician 22 1 (box) Orc War-Staff box
Brute Standard-Bearer 22 1 (box) Orc War-Staff box
Centaur Archer 40 3 (box) Sessairs Centaurs box
Dwarf with Crossbow 15 3
Earth Elemental 80 1 The Force of the Earth

The Earth Elementals

Fire Elemental 80 1 Flaming Eruption

The Fire Elementals

Firebrand Ogre 93 1 Without Fear Nor Brain
Giant Barbarian 35 1
Giant Barbarian with Swords 35 1
Giant Barbarian with Halberd 35 1
Goblin Prophet 20 1 Servant of the Faathi Replaces Reinforcement with Survival Instinct
Centaur of the Eagle 38 1 Does not include Murgan profile
Lithomancer of the Eagle 30 1 Disciples of the Eagle
Mercenary Ogre 56 1
Minotaur of the Eagle (Drune) 64 1
Minotaur of the Eagle (Sessairs) 62 1
Mountain Warrior 159 1 (box) Mountain Warriors

Mountain Shield

Giant's Vow

Mountain Warrior box
Musician of the Eagle 16 1 (box) War-Staff of the Plains box
Orc Brute 22 3

7 (box)

Orc Brute box
Orc with Crossbow 19 3
Provost of Uren 29 1 Servant of the Faathi
Soldier of the Eagle 12 3

8 (box)

War-Staff of the Plains box
Son of Ogmios 61 1
Standard-Bearer of the Eagle 16 1 (box) War-Staff of the Plains box
Sylvan Animae 17 3
War Troll 73 1 Cannot equip Watchgoblin Jar
Water Elemental 80 1 The Water Elementals
Fang Warrior of the Eagle 32 5 (box) The Fangs of the Moon-Goddess box
Great Fang of the Eagle 40 5 (box) The Fangs of the Moon-Goddess box
Lonewolf of the Eagle 1 53 1 Disciples of the Eagle
Lonewolf of the Eagle 2 42 1 Disciples of the Eagle


Artifacts that came with blisters that are not reserved


Miracles that came with blisters that are not reserved


Spells that came with blisters that are not reserved

Experience Cards

Experience cards that came with blisters for Confrontation 2nd edition

Scenario Cards

Campaigns and adventures that came with blisters for Confrontation 2nd edition


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