Elghir the Resolute

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Elghir the Resolute
Elghir the Resolute (art)

MOV: 7.5

INI: 2

ATT/STR: 2 / 3

DEF/RES: 3 / 5

AIM: -

COU: 5

DIS: 6

"Odnir is the mountain that protects our souls."

Equipment: Crosier of Odnir. Vestments. Attributes of power.

Abilities: Hard-Boiled. Faithful of Odnir / 10.

Rank: Dwarf Devout Champion.

Aspects: C:2; A:0; D:1

Cost: 30 AP

Included in blister (May 2002)


Odnir's Forge

Irrepressible Obstinacy

The Cauldron of Hyffaid