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Whatever their cult, whatever the ideal they pursue, the Faithful of Aarklash are devoted body and soul tot heir divinities. And when needed they don't hesitate to put their lives in danger to try and change the course of destiny.

Fervor: 4

C./A./D.: 1/0/1

Cult: Universal

Difficulty: 7

Area of Effect: Special

Range: 10 cm

Duration: Until end of round

A.P.: 20

The Faithful selects a target and then chooses to affect either its Strength or its Resilience. After having Called on this miracle, every point that the Faithful subtracts from his own equivalent characteristic, as it is on his Reference card, allows him to increase or decrease that of the target by 1 point. Under Abnegation's effect the Faithful's original characteristic and those of the target cannot become less than 0.

A fighter can only suffer this miracle's effects once per round.