Lions of Alahan

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Lions of Alahan

Founded over five centuries ago by the descendants of two knelt clans, the Kingdom of the Lion is the biggest human territory of Aarklash. This land of justice and prosperity is the most valiant defender of Light on the continent that is prey to darkness.

The knights and the powerful magicians of the lion are paragons of virtue who fight tin the name of noble ideals. The Lions are reputed for their bravery and temerity in the face of the most terrifying of peril. The exploits carried out in the name of their fatherland and their kind have become legendary. The nole houses of the nine baronies of the Lion are grateful for the honour, heroism and loyalty of the brave fighters who wield their coats of arms.

In an age where the enemies of Light make use of the most perfidious means to reach their ends, the Lions don't content themselves with travelling all over the world as wandering knights looking for wrongs to right. They are proud owners of the most prestigious fleet of Aarklash, and are diplomats, spies and fearless roamers. The Lions of Alahan make the most of their valour in the war they have chosen to wage: the one for goodness.


The history of the Kingdom of Alahan begins with the rivalry between two kelt clans, the Ylliaar and the Lahnar. The Lahnar, worshippers of a sun god and outstanding warrior, were the guardians of the border between Lahnaen, the lands of Light, and the Valley of Darkness haunted by the creatures of the night. When their shamans felt the magic of Lahnaen grew, they believed tat they were blessed by the gods. The Ylliaar, heirs to the Moon, didn't agree. Their mystic-filled clan felt the coming invasion of Darkness. The Ylliaar prepared to push back the onslaught of the infernal forces.

The Ylliaar's incursions into Lahnaen gave rise to a conflict that lasted for years. Neither of the two clans managed to prevent darkness from Manifesting itself over their lands.

That is when the Chimera intervened. Appearing as an Ylliaar woman, the immortal being proposed an alliance to the young king go Lahnar, Leonid the Lion. Lahnar and Ylliaar united to give rise to a new clan: the Alahaar.

Together they managed to liberate their homeland and conquer the valley of Darkness.

The glorious crowning of Alcyd the Paladin, son f Lionid and the Chimera, saw the unification and their declaration of sovereignty and the Kingdom of Alahaen.

The kingdom was divided into ten baronies. Law replaced traditions and the clannish hierarchy gave way to nobility. For the first time, the powerful weren't fighting to make the law, but rather to make it be respected.

Alahan consolidated and know a long period of prosperity. This kingdom became the biggest in human territory united under the authority of one leader. Everyone of its kings inherited the name of Lion and shone over Aarklash as an example of courage, honour and justice.

It is in these lands of virtue that Evil came to get revenge. Darkness slowly took over the kingdom's tenth barony - Acheron. The infernal monsters haunt Aarklash anew: new heroes must rise to stand up to Darkness.

Faction Overview

Overview of Akkyshan


    • high level of magic and a couple of the best mages in the game.
    • above average discipline, only truly beaten by dwarves and griffins.
    • best heavy cavalry model in the game.
    • high courage and an army ability that doesn't allow them to fail a courage test on the roll of a one.
    • great mix of low, mid, and high cost models and characters.
    • sacred weapons/armor- allows instant kills or ignoring of wounds respectively when doubles are rolled for damage.


    • lack of high combat offense outside characters, sacred weapons, and mounted knights.


The Baronies of the Lion
The Baronies of the Lion


This army has some units. General overview of units. Yada yada.


Something something.

Unit Base Points Type Rank Incarnation Abilities Reserved Artifacts Reserved Spells / Miracles Capacities / Explanatory Notes
Agonn the Ardent 42 Warrior Lion Regular Champion Bravery

Personal Enemy / Azaël

Leadership / 10

Agonn the Ardent 2nd 64 Warrior Lion Veteran Champion 2nd Bravery

Leadership / 10

Personal Enemy / Azaël the Unfaithful


Alahel the Messenger 67 Warrior Lion Regular Champion 2nd Bravery


Sharp Shooter

Aldenyss the Quiet 70 Warrior Lion Special Champion Bravery



Bane / Scout

Arakan the Duelist 70 Warrior Lion Special Champion Bravery


Arakan the Just 80 Warrior Lion Special Champion Bravery




Danil the Valiant 100 Warrior Lion Elite Champion



Resolution / 2

Cure / 4

Dragan D'Orianthe 192 Warrior Lion Elite Champion Righteous

Brutish Charge


Leadership / 20

Master Strike / 4

Bane / Akkyshan

Charging STR / 15

Gadraan Dinasyn 121 Warrior Lion Special Shadow



Leadership / 15

Base / Assassin



Knight of Light 270 Mage Lion Master Champion






Master Magician / Special


Spirit of Light

Logren 100 Warrior Lion Elite Champion Bravery

Brutish Charge


Personal Enemy / Céléas Mundi

Meliador the Celestial 72 Mage Lion Adept Champion Bravery


Light and Air Adept / Hermetism, Theurgy

Meliador the Celestial 2nd 90 Mage Lion Adept Champion 2nd Righteous


Recovery / 3

Light and Air Adept / Hermetism, Circæus, Theurgy

Personal Enemy / The Gorgon

Migaïl the Selenite 44 Mage Lion Initiate Champion Bravery


Light Initiate / Hermetism, Selenism

Mirvilis, Baron of Allmoon 167 Mage Lion Master Champion





Spirit of Light

Master Magician / Special

Misan the Clairvoyant 30 Faithful Lion Devout Champion Bravery

Faithful of Arïn / 10

Misan the Clairvoyant 2nd 45 Faithful Lion Devout Champion 2nd Bravery

Faithful of Arïn / 12.5


Sadar the Pure 34 Mage Lion Initiate Champion Bravery

Initiate of Light / Hermetism

Sardar Tillius, the Sage 76 Mage Lion Adept Champion

Guild of Clarity

2nd Bravery

Leadership / 10

Light and Earth Adept / Hermetism, Shamanism, Solaris

Telima de Manilia, Valkyrie 48 Warrior Lion Special Champion Bravery


Leadership / 10

Rag'Narok box
The Chimera 500 Mage Lion Virtuoso Champion Loved by the Gods

Brutish Charge

War Cry / 10



Rallying Cry


Spirit of Light

Immortal of Light / 1

Virtuoso of Light / Hermetism, Circæus

The Red Lioness 89 Warrior Lion Elite Champion Bravery


War Cry / 6

The Red Lioness (Foot) 126 Warrior Lion Elite Champion 2nd Righteous


Leadership / 15

Bane / Acheron

The Red Lioness (Mounted) 171 Warrior Lion Elite Champion 2nd Righteous

Leadership / 15

Brutish Charge


Bane / Acheron

Valdenar, Baron of Doriman 336 Warrior Lion Living Legend Champion



Implacable / 1

Leadership / 30




Born Killer


Words about the troops.

Unit Base Points Models per Blister or Box Reserved Artifacts Reserved Spells / Miracles Capacities / Explanatory Notes
Agent of the Chimera
Agent of the Chimera (Cry Havoc)
Archer of Alahan 1
Archer of Alahan 2
Avenger of Alahan
Ballista of Alahan Servant 1
Ballista of Alahan Servant 2
Ballista of Alahan Servant 3
Ballista of Alahan
Bard of Alahan 1
Bard of Alahan 2
Falconer of Alahan
Guard of Alahan 1
Guard of Alahan 2
Guard of Alahan 3
Guard of Alahan 4
Kaiber Veteran
Lancer of Alahan
Mounted Bard of Alahan
Mounted Knight of the Lion 1
Mounted Knight of the Lion 2
Mounted Knight of the Lion 3
Mounted Knight of the Lion 4
Mounted Musician of the Lion
Mounted Standard Bearer
Musician of Alahan 1
Musician of Alahan 2
Paladin of Alahan 1
Paladin of Alahan 2
Paladin of Alahan 3
Paladin of Doriman
Pythia of Azel
Reaper of Alahan 1
Reaper of Alahan 2
Reaper of Alahan 3
Reaper of Doriman
Royal Guard
Royal Guard 2
Royal Guardsman 1
Royal Guardsman 2
Royal Guardsman 3
Royal Standard Bearer
Standard Bearer of Alahan
Standard Bearer of the Lion
Standard Bearer of Urland
Swordsman of Alahan
Valkyrie of Alahan (Fencer)
Valkyrie of Alahan (Master-Strike)
Wandering Knight


Artifacts that came with blisters that are not reserved


Miracles that came with blisters that are not reserved

Elad's Aid


Spells that came with blisters that are not reserved

Experience Cards

Experience cards that came with blisters for Confrontation 2nd edition

Scenario Cards

Campaigns and adventures that came with blisters for Confrontation 2nd edition


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