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Incarnation, in Confrontation V2, uses a set of cards called scenario cards. These cards represent the various Acts the Adventurer goes through on his quest. Through the scenarios, the world of Aarklash will influence the life of the Adventurer. The scenario cards are presented in three forms that symbolize the stages of the Adventure.

The Act is used only for Adventures. It represents the progress of the Adventurer on his quest. Whatever the outcome of the battle, the Adventurer will always gain experience from the act. The only condition is that the Adventurer survives…

The History presents the background for the adventure; including the situation and recent events. It is sometimes related to a particular Personality; if so, then that Personality must be involved in the scenario.

The Objective is what must be accomplished to win the act. Only by fulfilling the objective can an Adventurer advance to the next act.