Scenario Cards

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Scenario cards are from the 1st & 2nd edition of Confrontation and were used in a gamemode called Incarnation.

Most of the Scenario cards were included with blisters of characters or faction box sets, as well as Adventure Card Packs.

There were even some released on Rackham's own site, Archive

Notable FAQ: On all Adventure cards, even those in Confrontation 2 format, the duration of the scenario in number of turns must always be increased by three compared to the value indicated on the card.

Adventure Card Packs

Full Moon

The Nemesis Project

The Ardent Brotherhood

The Automaton Fortress

The Crown and the Iron

The Plain of Tears

The Queen of Ashes

The Vessel of the Winds

Clan Box Set Adventures

The Trinity of the Abyss (The Colony of Ephorath)

The Birth of a Brotherhood (The Howling Pack)

The Convoy (The Howling Pack)

The Odyssey of Fenggar (The Brotherhood of Bronze)

Soul of the Titan (The Brotherhood of Bronze)

Confrontation Character Scenarios

A Shadow Amongst Shadows, Cyanhur Scenario

Alahel's Scenario

Azahir's Scenario

Bragh An Scâthar's Scenario

For Gold and Blood, Avangorok Scenario

In My Father's Memory, Kahinir Scenario

Kassar's Scenario

Kelen's Scenario

Mira's Scenario

Salias' Scenario

Summary of the Obscure Tree, The Gorgon Scenario

Summary of the Watcher's Eye, The Watcher Scenario

The Adventures of Nerak

The Black Oil, Carbone Scenario

The Chains of Bitterness, Zeïren Scenario

The Death of the Raïk, Orc Trackers Scenario

The Liberator's Gesture, Hogarth Scenario

The Mystery and the Wooden Leg, Mister Dhypter Scenario

The Pirate's Revenge, Captain Krill Scenario

The Preacher's Crusade, Saphon the Preacher Scenario

The Root of All Evil, Sîn Assyris Scenario

The Shroud of Evaël, Sophet Drahas Scenario

Cry Havoc

Syd de Kaiber Incarnation / Rag'Narok Scenario (GA2)

Managarm the Traitoress Incarnation Scenario (GA3)

S'Erum, Ophidian Sydion Incarnation Scenario (GA5)

Confrontation 1.0 Character Scenarios

Alahel Scenario

Hogarth Scenario

Kahinir Scenario

Kassar Scenario

Kelen Scenario

The Gorgon Scenario

The Watcher Scenario

Salias Yessod Scenario

Saphon the Preacher Scenario

Sophet Drahas Scenario

Rackham Site Scenarios

Mizar's Quest

The Blood of the Selenites

Xherus' Odyssey

Settling Debts at Quai Korale

Year 2000 Scenarios