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MOV: 12.5

INI: 8

ATT/STR: 8 / 6

DEF/RES: 6 / 7

AIM: 3

COU: 8

DIS: 5

"Somebody wants you dead."

Equipment: Assassin's blades. Cloak of the god Rat. Mask.

Abilities: <Ambidextrous>. <Assassin>. <Leap>. <Survival Instinct>. <Vivacity>.

(<Artifact / 2>. <Assault Fire>. <Counter-Attack>. <Master-Strike / 0>. <Rapid Reloading>. <Sequence / 2>.)

Rank: Goblin Special Champion. (Yakûsa Clan)

Cost: 128 (120) AP

Living F.A.Q. Entry


Cyanhur does not gain use of <Bull's-Eye> or Assault Fire when using his Fuse Bombs.

Included in blister (March 2002)

The Dagger of the God Rat

The Mask of Strycnius

Fuse Bombs

A Shadow Amongst Shadows


Cyanhur's name is a play on the French translation of cyanide, the poison, cyanure.