Master-Strike / X

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If several of a fighter’s combat dice are placed in attack, then some can be grouped together to strike a stronger blow. When it is this fighter’s turn to attack, the player can sacrifice two attack dice to attempt only one (this counts as only one attack). Only one die is rolled for this attack. If it is not parried, the STR of the Damage roll it causes is increased by a number of points equal to the ATT that the fighter has at the moment that the test is made. This bonus can be lower than the value printed on the reference card (for example when a fighter as a penalty on his ATT), but in no way can it be higher.

The Damage roll’s STR is also increased by X points. If there is no X value bound to Master-Strike, then X is equal to 0.

Example: Kahinir the Savage (ATT 4; STR 7; Master-Strike / 5) is attempting a Master-Strike. For the Attack roll he benefits from a bonus of +2 in ATT thanks to a spell, thus making it become 6. The attack is successful and the player makes a Damage roll. Its STR is calculated in the following way: Kahinir’s STR + Kahinir’s ATT + the X value of the “Master-Strike / X” ability.

Because the bonus provided by ATT cannot be higher than its value printed on the reference card, it is only of 4 (even though Kahinir made his Attack test with an ATT value of 6). The total STR of the Damage roll is therefore 16 (7 + 4 + 5).

This ability allows a fighter to use more attack dice than he has opponents during the same exchange.

Example: An Uren’s son (Master-Strike / 2) is in contact with two opponents and has three attack dice available. During an exchange he can make one normal attack against one of his opponents and group his two other dice together to do a master strike against the second one.

The use of this ability takes precedence over the rule that forces a fighter to make an attack against each one of his opponents if he is able to do so.

Example: An Uren’s son (Master-Strike / 2) is in contact with two opponents. He has two attack dice and one defense die. If he makes two normal attacks, he must make one against each of his two opponents. On the other hand, he is allowed to use his 2 attack dice for a master strike against just one of his two opponents.

Incarnated Character

If Master-Strike / X is printed on the Character’s reference card, then X is added to the final results of the Damage rolls inflicted by the Character when performing a Master-Strike.