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When a fighter with this ability attempts to parry an attack, the player controlling him can announce a Counter-Attack. This decision must be taken before the opponent makes his Attack test. There are then two possibilities:

  • If the attack is successful, then the final result that the defender must get on his Defense test is two points higher than the final result of the Attack test. If a fighter already has this capacity (a Character warrior, Warrior-Mage or Warrior-Monk) and also has this ability printed on his reference card, then the result to get is only one point higher than the final result of the Attack test. If the Defense test is successful, the attack is parried and the defender gains one attack die.
  • If the attacker’s Attack test is an automatic failure, the defender gains an attack die without even having to make his Defense test. He nevertheless loses the die or dice assigned to this parry.

Attention! A player who has announced his intention to Counter-Attack cannot renounce it, no matter the result the attacker gets on his Attack test. If the attack fails, then the defender cannot keep his defense die and is forced to counter-attack.

An attack gained thanks to this ability is immediately resolved, even if it is not yet the fighter’s turn to attack. It must target the fighter who made the attack that caused the Counter-Attack.

A Counter-Attack cannot be combined with a <Master-Strike>.

Incarnated Character

If Counter-Attack is printed on the Character’s reference card, then the final result to get on the Defense test to succeed a Counter-Attack only has to be one point higher (instead of two) than the final result of the Attack test.