Archon of the Faathi

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Archon of the Faathi
Archon of the Faathi (Cry Havoc)

MOV: 15

INI: 3

ATT/STR: 5 / 12

DEF/RES: 3 / 11

AIM: -


DIS: 2

Abilities: <Being of Destiny / 2>. <Brutish Charge>. <Faithful of Faathi / 10>. <Implacable / 1>. <Resolution / 1>. <War Fury>. <Warrior-Monk>.

(<Consciousness>. <Counter-Attack>. <Immortal>. <Immunity / Toxic>.)

Rank: Devout of Destiny. Immortal of Destiny. Concord of the Eagle.

Aspects: C:X; A:1; D:X

Cost: 90 AP

Included in box (July 2007)

Prophecy of the Eagle

The Archons of the Faathi

Talon of Thunder


Archon of the Faathi art card was released with Cry Havoc vol 10. Its profile was replaced by the box version of the miniature.