Toxic / X

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Many creatures have toxic substances capable of neutralizing their victims.

  1. Calculation of the number of Toxic / X dice
    At the beginning of each round, before the Tactical Roll, for every even incomplete 100 A.P. of fighters in his camp who are still in play have who have this ability (including capacities, spells, miracles and artifacts), the player controlling them gets one Toxic / X die.
  2. Assigning the Toxic / X dice
    Once the number of dice has been calculated, the player must immediately assign each die to one of his fighters endowed with Toxic / X. The same fighter can benefit from only one Toxic / X die per round (apart from exceptions bound to a particular effect).
  3. Effects of the Toxic / X dice
    When a fighter benefits from a Toxic / X die, the player controlling him can choose one of his shots or one of his attacks to be toxic. This choice is to be announced before the corresponding characteristic test is made (in the case of an attack, this must be done before the opponent has announced if he is defending himself or not). If the test is failed or if no Wound is inflicted, then the Toxic / X die is lost. If this shot or attack inflicts a Wound (STUNNED is not a Wound), then the player immediately makes a second Damage Roll against the same target. For this new test the attack's STR is equal to X and the targeted fighter's RES is considered to be equal to 0, no matter the effects from which he benefits. Yet effects that affect the results of Damage Rolls nevertheless apply in the usual way.
  4. Limitations of the effects of Toxic / X
    A Damage test inflicted by Toxic / X never benefits from effects that apply to the fighter's regular attacks. If, for example, he is under the influence of a spell that allows him to increase his STR, then this effect only applies to the first Damage Roll and not to the one caused by Toxic / X. The <Living-Dead>, <Constructs> and <Immortals> are immune to the effects of this ability.
  5. Duration of the effects of Toxic / X
    A Toxic / X die's effects only apply to the first Damage Roll caused by the chosen attack or shot. At the end of the round, during the time-out phase, all unused Toxic / X dice are discarded.