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A fighter with this ability benefits from the following rules (the target of his action must, however, be within a radius of 20 cm or less around him):

  • All enemy <scouts> located within 20 cm or less of him are no longer considered to be hidden.
  • He can charge an opponent who is within range but outside of his field of vision.
  • He can fire at a miniature that he cannot see if no obstacle (wall, tree, miniature, etc.) is blocking his projectile’s trajectory.
  • If he is a magician or a faithful, he can cast a spell or call a miracle onto a target that he cannot see. In this case he does not take obstacles into account, even if the effect takes on the shape of a projectile.
  • He can use counter-magic or censure without seeing the fighter casting the spell (or miracle) that he is countering. He must nevertheless be within this spell’s or miracle’s range.