Arrows of Alabaster

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Arrows of Alabaster

There are no better craftsmen than the Daïkinee in working with natural material. The Elves of the Emerald Forest enjoy working with wood, stone and bone much more than they do with metal alloys.

The tips of Arrows of Alabaster are sculpted out of white gypsum. Fine and light but as fragile as crystal, these projectiles must be handled with great care by the archer to avoid being broken. These incredibly sharp arrows have the particularity of breaking off in the wound on impact, thus keeping it from healing. Those that have confronted the Daïkinee marksmen would rather die from an arrow through the heart than having to eternally suffer the pain of a wound that can never completely heal.

Before the beginning of each game the Character can equip himself with as many Arrows of Alabaster as he wishes. For this he must pay the price indicated on the reference card. Each one of these arrows can only be used once. Their use must be announced before making an AIM roll and the arrow is lost even if the AIM fails.

The Arrows of Alabaster have a Strength of 5. A wound made by an Arrow of Alabaster cannot be healed in any way whatsoever in the round during which it was caused, be it by a spell, a miracle, an object or an ability.

The Arrows of Alabaster are reserved to Daïkinee Elves.

Cost: 4 A.P.