The Maalivatë

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The Maalivatë

The Daïkinee most often live in tight-knit communities, protected by the screen formed by the Emerald Forest. Some however still feel the call for adventure and give in to this imperious need to leave their brethren. Kaëliss is of this temperament. He embarked on a Sylvae, a Daïkinee vessel made of plants which brought him to Cadwallon.

Far from Quithayran, he discovered the torment of Cynwë - exile. Cut off from the Fayes' influence he has become a Maalivatë literally meaning an "uprooted one." Faced with the vice that reigns in the City of Thieves, Kaëliss is still alive thanks to his exceptional martial talents.

Feint: Some warriors practice a combat technique full of finesse and subtlety. They master such complex moves that their adversaries do not know anymore if they should attack or defend themselves.

When a fighter having the <Feint> ability succeeds an Attack Roll, he may choose to make a Feint instead of a normal Attack. Before his adversary rolls his Defense dice, he may cancel one adverse Attack or Defense die instead of making a normal Attack. He may choose to do so for every successful Attack Roll that he makes. If he chooses to Attack in the normal way, then his adversary can still attempt to defend himself if he still has one or several Defense dice left.

Bane / Marksman: Kaëliss has the <Bane> ability against all fighters that have an AIM rating.