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VPC or "vente par correspondance" in French was the Mail Order Service provided by RACKHAM for ordering the entire catalog of blisters and boxed miniatures, special edition, exclusive, modified, or even no longer produced metal, resin or plastic sculpts of miniatures for Confrontation, Rag'Narok, Hybrid and Dogs of War. The term "VPC model" was generally synonymous with unavailable in stores such as the below listed models.

VPC Models
Dirz Cadwallon Devourers Mid-Nor Tir-Nâ-Bor Cynwäll Daïkinee No-Dan-Kar & Ûraken Griffins Drunes Sessairs Lions Bran-Ô-Kor Acheron Wolfen Miscellaneous Ophidians
Centurus Clone 1 Dwarf Jailer / Militia Flesh Eater Mid-Nor Sentinel 1 Fenggar, Fist of Bronze Equanimous Warrior Irul, Tribal Chief Goblin Archer on skateboard Senechal Drune Persecutor Kelt Fiannas Alahan Champion 3 Alternate Heads Morbid Puppet Grave Guardian Statue of Royal Guardsman Apostate of Darkness
Centurus Clone 2 Voracious Warrior 1 Mid-Nor Sentinel 2 Armoured Chariot Crossbowman Daikinee Archer (S) Goblin Mad Wheel Lanyfh of the Black Woods Kelt Warrior 1 Alahan Standard-Bearer Orc Bruiser Dislocated Zombie
Tarascus (Alternative Head) Voracious Warrior 2 Mid-Nor Skinner 1 Boor with Axe Goblin Mutant Kelt Warrior 2
Mid-Nor Skinner 2 Goblin Shigobi
Warriors of the Abyss Upgrade Watchgoblin Jar (Alternate Goblin)
War Troll (Alternate Head)