The Flesh Golems

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The Flesh Golems

"As the monster approached I felt my blood freeze in my veins: its body huge and stocky; an assembly of decomposing corpses welded to one another. Faces grimaced; muscles spastic; each member twisted with sinister cracking noises.

The creature was legion."

The Flesh Golem can be allied with the following armies and benefits from one of the following abilities:


Flesh Golem box was released and sold at GenCon 2011 by CMON with Legacy Miniatures. It was not released by Rackham nor had any Rackham official affiliation.

Flesh Golem is an unofficial miniature that sold under the passed around license. It is therefore not usable in competitive play.

The original cards released by CMON have been recreated by TSE to establish its unofficial status.