Mystical Famine

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Mystical Famine

With a gesture of the hand accompanied by a typhonic incantation the magician opens in front of him a tiny portal leading to an unexplored place, where the Darkness feeds on mystical energies. He then unleashes this insatiable appetite on the target. The victim, its soul stripped bare by a mystical famine, finds itself stripped of his supernatural resources. As it closes, the Darkness portal carries the stolen energies to the void.

4 Managem darkness.png

Path: Typhonism

Range: 20 cm

Difficulty: 6

Duration: Until end of round

Area of Effect: An enemy

Frequency: 2

Intensity: 3

A.P.: 5

The target fighter/unit (depending on the game) loses half of its mana points and T.F. points, rounded up.