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Cynwall Wyrm Sweep
Tarascus Sweep


Titan: -

Orientation: Special

A defence test (difficulty 7) is made for every fighter (friend or enemy) in contact with the Titan. If it is a failure, the fighter suffers a damage roll of a Strength equal to half the STR registered on the Titan's card (rounded up). This attack is made out of the combat phase. None of the fighters lose any combat die. The victims cannot use a sustained defence or use a counter-attack (even if they are Ambidextrous).

The "Fierce" ability of small size, Medium size and Large size fighters is ineffectifve when they are eliminated by this ability.

Rag'Narok: If independents are targeted, a defence test is made for each of them.


Titan: -

Orientation: Special

A Defence test (difficulty 7) is made for every fighter (friend or foe) in contact with the Titan. If this test is failed, the fighter suffers a Damage roll with a STR equal to half of the one printed of the Titan's reference card (rounded up to the higher integer). This attack is made outside of the hand-to-hand combat phase. No fighter loses any combat dice. The victims cannot use sustained defence or do a counter-attack (even if they have Ambidextrous).

The "Fierce" ability of fighters of Small, Medium (Normal) or Large Size has no effect if they are elimited by this capacity.

Rag'Narok: If Independents are targeted, then a separate Defence test is to be made for each one of them.