Sylvan Animae

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Sylvan Animae
Sylvan Animae 2
Sylvan Animae (Art) FR

MOV: 10 / 15

INI: 2

ATT/STR: 2 / 3

DEF/RES: 3 / 4

AIM: -

COU: 3

DIS: 2

"I am the messenger of the Azure."

"I am a child of the earth and the sky..."

Equipment: Weapon. Armor.

Abilities: <Being of Destiny / 3>. <Flight>. <Scout>. Small Size.

(<Consciousness>. <Immortal>. <Immunity /Toxic>.)

Rank: Immortal of Destiny. Destiny Regular.

Cost: 16 AP

Included in Predator of Blood box (February 2004)

Predator of Blood

The Alliance of Blood

Sylvan Animæ Summoning

Ultimate Predator

Included in blister (May 2005)

Sylvan Animæ Summoning

Included in Confrontation Initiation Set box (October 2005)

Initiation Booklet

Confrontation V3 Core Book

  • Predator of Blood box

Predator of Blood

Ultimate Predator

The Alliance of Blood

Sylvan Animae Summoning

  • The Sentinels of Danakil box

Thissan Ka

Sentinel of Danakil

The Guardian of Danakil

Meriaghen's Shield