Spiritual Perversion

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Spiritual Perversion

The Magicians of Darkness understand better than anyone the darkest aspects of the souls of sentient beings. The one who masters this spell can not only guess the vilest impulses of those around him, but he can also reveal them to sow discord. A judicious use of this formidable spell can not only weaken an individual's will, but can also break the trust and discipline necessary to hold an army together. The victory will then be made all the easier...

1 Darkness Managem darkness.png

Path: Elemental

Range: 10 cm

Difficulty: 8

Duration: Permanent

Area of Effect: A figurine

Frequency: Unlimited

Intensity: 3

A.P.: 12

This spell can be cast at any time in the Movement phase. Under the influence of the Spiritual Perversion, the targeted figurine's Courage and Discipline are lowered by 1 point to a minimum of 0. A figurine cannot be affected by this spell more than once in a game. The Spiritual Perversion has no effect on figurines with a Fear rating and on Immortal or Elemental Beings.