Control Over Matter

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Control Over Matter

Control Over Matter modifies the density and the solidity of all material. The Magician modifies matter by transferring certain primordial structures from one to another, and can thus reinforce armor by weakening a weapon, or vice versa.

3 Earth Managem earth.png

Path: Telluric, Fayery, Technomancy

Range: 25 cm

Difficulty: Special.

Duration: Until end of round

Area of Effect: One figurine

Frequency: Unlimited

Intensity: 3

A.P.: 14

This spell's Difficulty is equal to the highest value among the target's Strength and Resilience. If the Incantation succeeds, the Magician can freely exchange points between the target's Strength and Resilience. However, he cannot reduce a characteristic to less than 0, nor can he raise a value to more than double its original rating indicated on the Reference card.