Lor-Arkhon the Deranged

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Lor-Arkhon the Deranged

MOV: 7.5

INI: 2

ATT/STR: 3 / 5

DEF/RES: 4 / 4

AIM: 2

COU: 5

DIS: 4

"I ventilate. I air. I speed..."

Equipment: Modified steam cannon / STR 10 + 2D6, range 30-60-90. Boiler.

Abilities: Hard-Boiled.

Rank: Dwarf Regular Champion

Cost: 72 AP

Included in Brotherhood of Bronze box (December 2001)

Aegher the Brief

Mechanical Familiar

Forge Guardian


Lothan, the Beast of Steel


Telluric Angel

Mechanical Frenzy


The Banner of the Pacifier

The B.R.U.T.E.

Halcyon Compressor

Pressure Regulator

Fortress: The Brotherhood of Bronze

The Mechanical Familiar

Experimental Ammunition