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Thermo-Warrior 2

MOV: 7.5

INI: 0

ATT/STR: 3 / 7

DEF/RES: 4 / 8

AIM: -

COU: -4

DIS: 6

"Get out of my way."

"Things are heating up!"

Equipment: Steam mask / FEAR. Hydraulic gauntlet (Steam weapon) / STR. Khor sword. Suit. Boiler.

Abilities: Hard-Boiled. Bravery. Brutal.

Rank: Dwarf Elite

Cost: 32 AP

Included in Brotherhood of Bronze box (December 2001)

Aegher the Brief

Mechanical Familiar

Forge Guardian

Lothan, the Beast of Steel


Lor-Arkhon the Deranged

Telluric Angel

Mechanical Frenzy


The Banner of the Pacifier

The B.R.U.T.E.

Halcyon Compressor

Pressure Regulator

Fortress: The Brotherhood of Bronze

The Mechanical Familiar

Experimental Ammunition


Although originally released in the Clan box, the Thermo-Warrior 1 blister was released with no other card except for reference card and same models in January 2003.

Thermo-Warrior 2 blister was released with no other cards in March 2007