Telluric Angel

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Telluric Angel

Placing his hand on the ground, the Magician pushes forth a mental cry that resonates in the deepest layers of Aarklash. The earthen Element answers him, giving him a tiny piece of its infinite power.

3 Earth Managem earth.png

Path: Telluric. Fayery.

Range: 5 cm

Difficulty: 8

Duration: Special

Area of Effect: One figurine

Frequency: 1

Intensity: 4

A.P.: 21

The Magician can transmit the Telluric Angel's power to a figurine within 5 cm of him. This spell's beneficiary gains an additional D6 in Hand-to-Hand Combat, which he must automatically place in Attack. He also gains the ability to make Master Strikes if he could not do so before.

The Magician can only invoke one Telluric Angel at a time. He cannot summon another one as long as the spell hasn't been dispelled in any way or its beneficiary hasn't been KILLED OUTRIGHT.