Telluric Weapon

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Telluric Weapon

"The age of Rag'Narok will be that of blood and weapons!"

- Tan-Kaïr, the Fist of Fom-Nur.

Dwarves are reputed for the reserved feelings they have for strangers. On the other hand their generosity is limitless towards their brethren and those that have managed to earn their esteem. The greatest of their people's heroes always receive a Telluric Weapon from their elders: this great symbol of prestige represents the eternal fraternity that binds the Dwarves and the responsibilities that they have towards their own kind. The fruits of the strenuous labor of the Thermo-Priests and the Alchemists of Tir-Nâ-Bor, the Telluric Weapons are distinguished by their superior solidity, lightness, and handling. They are made out of an Alphax alloy, just like the Khor Warriors' equipment, which gives them certain magic qualities...

A Telluric Weapon is considered as having the "Khor" attribute. Its great quality allows its bearer to re-roll a die once per round; this die must be bound to Initiative, Attack or Defense. The second result must be kept and cannot be rolled again, even if it is worse than the first result!

Only Dwarf of Tir-Nâ-Bor Characters may carry a Telluric Weapon.

Cost: 16 AP