Elixir of Savagery

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Elixir of Savagery

When he casts this spell, the Magician uses a little vial containing a salty liquid that starts boiling. He then selects an allied fighter in Base-to-Base Contact with him, who must ingest the vial's contents. The revolting liquid must be drunk slowly, otherwise it becomes a deadly poison. After having drunk carefully, a white froth flows on the warrior's lips as he throws himself at the enemy.

3 Water Managem water.png

Path: Telluric, Chthonian, Sorcery

Range: Contact

Difficulty: 8

Duration: Until end of round

Area of Effect: One allied figurine

Frequency: Unlimited

Intensity: 3

A.P.: 12

This spell must be cast just before the target moves. Its characteristics are affected as follows: MOV +5, INI +1, ATT +1, and STR +1. The target acquires the Brutish Charge and War Cry / 5 abilities.

The Elixir of Savagery has no effect on the Living-Dead and or elemental or divine beings.