Fortress: Kar-An-Tyr

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Fortress: Kar-An-Tyr
Fortress: Kar-An-Tyr (Back)

Kar-An-Tyr, the fortress of bronze, is a vast network of troglodytic dwellings, fortified schools and experimental fields. Here, the engineers of Tir-Nâ-Bor develop and test formidable inventions that are the pride of their people.

The Cult of Uren is very present among the population. It is claimed that the god of the forges sometimes inspires apprentices and geniuses when they hatch true mechanical marvels.

Fortress / Of Steam and Steel (1 AP): Every dwarf of Small Size bound to Kar-An-Tyr can be given up tot two pieces of equipment chosen among the following list. These are not considered to be artifacts and can be given to non-Character fighters. Their A.P. value is added to that of their bearer and does not modify the number of Wounds or dice. Their value is doubled for Characters.

  • Boiler [1 A.P]: The dwarf acquires a boiler. It is indispensable if he doesn't have steam equipment on his reference card and if he must make Pressure Rolls. He must be supplied with another piece of equipment in this list.
  • Experimental Compressor [2 A.P.]: The final result of the dwarf's Pressure Rolls is increased by 1 point. (A "1" remains a failure).
  • Thermal Booster [4 A.P.]: This artifact can only be given to dwarves who do not have steam equipment that modifies their MOV rate. They acquire the following steam equipment: Thermal booster / MOV.
  • Thermal Weapon [4 A.P.]: The dwarf acquires a thermal hand-to-hand weapon / STR. A dwarf equipped with a Khor weapon cannot acquire this artifact.
  • Long-Distance Thermal Weapon [5 A.P.]: The dwarf acquires a long-distance thermal weapon / STR (STR 4, range 15-30-45). Only dwarves with an AIM can acquires this weapon, and it replaces any long-distance weapon they already have.

Solo / Path of the Forge (4 AP): This capacity can be given to any dwarf bound to Kar-An-Tyr who has a POW rate printed on his reference card. He acquires the "Forge" path of magic if he doesn't already have it. If his reference card indicates that he has it, then his POW is increased by 1 point.

Solo / Uren's Emblem (4 AP): This capacity can be given to any dwarf bound to Kar-An-Tyr. His name is then considered to have the "Uren" attribute. If he already has it, then he acquires the "Loyal / 1" ability.