Giant's Blood Serum

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Giant's Blood Serum

Fruit of the manipulations of a Tir-Nâ-Bor giant's blood and gems of Earth, the manufacture of the Giant's Blood Serum needs long hours of preparation. As it must be kept at a precise temperature, it can easily change and transform into a poison highly toxic for the Dwarves. Fortunately, after several years of practice, this risk is now completely dismissed. Rare are the incidents that now happen because of this potion.

By giving a warrior this potion to drink and by saying a few words of power, the Alchemist activate the astonishing properties of the Giant's Blood Serum, increasing the target's Resilience.

2 Earth Managem earth.png

Path: Telluric

Range: Contact

Difficulty: 7

Duration: Until the end of game

Area of Effect: A figurine

Frequency: 2

Intensity: 2

A.P.: 12

The Defense and Resilience characteristics of the warrior are increased by 1 point until the end of the game. A figurine can benefit from only one Giant's Blood Serum per game.