Clairvoyant Familiar

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Clairvoyant Familiar

Thanks to its sixth sense, the Clairvoyant Familiar lets Magnus stay perfectly aware of what is happening around him. It attentively scrutinizes the Alchemist's surroundings, warning him of the slightest threat and of the presence of any intruders.

The Clairvoyant Familiar's vision has a range of 25 cm. Within this range, Magnus's field of vision is of 360° and he ignores any obstacles when determining his line of sight.

No enemy Scout can be within this zone without being immediately detected and considered as being visible. The Familiar alerts its master of any attacks from a distance: any marksman within the zone of Clairvoyance suffers a -2 penalty on the final result of any Aim Roll directed at the Alchemist. If the shot is aimed at an allied fighter within this zone, then the penalty is only of 1 point.

The Clairvoyant Familiar is reserved to Magnus the Mystical.

Cost: 25 AP