Khor Catalyzer

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Khor Catalyzer

Khor weapons are forged by three Dwarves simultaneously: a Master Alchemist, a Master Smith and the Master Armorer Bál-Khan. Their sharpness and their solidity defy the laws of time. They are conceived for and reserved to the dwarfish elite of the same name: the Khor Warriors. These arms have the particularity of containing a parcel of power, which an Alchemist can use to improve their handling.

2 Earth Managem earth.png & 2 Water Managem water.png

Path: Telluric

Range: 10 cm

Difficulty: 9

Duration: Until end of game

Area of Effect: One figurine

Frequency: Unlimited

Intensity: 3

A.P.: 24

This spell only affects troops possessing an arm qualified as "Khor" among their equipment. It gives a +1 bonus in Initiative to the spell's target. Additional gems may be spent to increase this spell's effect. Each pair of Earth + Water Gems used in this way adds 1 additional point to the target's Initiative.

The Khor Catalyzer can only be cast once per game on the same figurine.