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Daïkinee Elves



There is no trace of the elves before the Age of Re-birth. Their first steps in Aarklash's history are compiled in the tales of other peoples. As for the Daikinee's collective memory, it begins at the moment the a handful of the courageous warrior leave the Emerald Forest to go looking for the god of dawn.

Aoh, the spirit of all life had lost his mind. having become the Spirit of Winter, he sent his warriors to petrify the Eternal Forest. Aekhyn and Earhe, the spirits of Quithayran, were on the lookout. Eakhyn, the god of dawn, left to confront Winter accompanied by the fayes, the spirit guardians of nature. Earhe, the goddess of dusk, asked the elves ot protect Quithayran while went to cure Aoh.

When the fayes returned, Eakhyn had disappeared. All understood the reason why on Earhe's return. Within her she carried Aoh's pain and she gave birth to Wisshard, a gigantic beast.

Wisshard was consumed by an unmentionable hunger that he sought to appease by devouring all the creatures that passed within his reach. Earhe was still too weak to fight, and the fayes were swallowed up one after another. Only Eakryn could vanquish Wissahd. So the elves and the fayes decided to embark on a quest for the god of dawn.

The Daikinees thus roamed in the borders of history. For a long time they remained an isolated people who resisted the presence of strangers in their territory.

Everything change about five centuries ago when Queen Fayre Ne-Inekia, the wife of King Seos, gave birth to the twins Elhan and Silmea. At Seo's death, Serrelis, the was of succession, broke out. Elhan abdicated and founded the Wynwall nation in the region of Lanever. a generation later Silmea's daughter Scealin took possession of the domain of Ashinan without anyone being able ot stop her.

Fatality has befallen the Eternal Forest. Quithayran and the fayes are dying off. Darkness has swept over Aarklash....Aoh is once again ill.

Faction Overview

Overview of Daïkinee


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This army has some units. General overview of units. Regeneration


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Unit Base Points Type Rank Incarnation Reserved Artifacts Reserved Spells / Miracles Capacities / Explanatory Notes
Erhÿl the Wildcat 76 Warrior Daïkinee Special Champion NACORD member exclusive
Irul, Tribal Chief 25 Warrior Daïkinee Regular Champion
Kaëliss the Silent 55 Warrior Daïkinee Regular Champion

Howling Pack

The Maalivatë

The Howling Pack

Rackham Paint Starter set
Kaëliss, Voice of the Pariahs 70 Warrior Daïkinee/Wolfen Regular Champion

Howling Pack

2nd The Voice of the Pariahs
Kurujaï, Daïkinee Archer 45 Warrior Daïkinee Regular Champion The Bow-Spirit
Maneös, Scarab Warrior 85 Warrior Daïkinee Elite Champion Goan

The Shell of Anura

Meari the Protector 33 Faithful Daïkinee Devout Emerald Champion
Numaë, Daïkinee Guardian 45 Warrior Daïkinee Regular Champion The Secret of the Chameleon
Onental the Smuggler 60 Warrior Daïkinee Veteran Champion The Quicksilver
Shaenre, Daïkinee Sentry 33 Mage Daïkinee Initiate The Claw of Shaenre


Words about the troops.

Unit Base Points Models per Blister or Box Capacities / Explanatory Notes
Daïkinee Archer 15 3 VPC Daïkinee Archer
Daïkinee Guardian 18 3
Daïkinee Musician 15 1
Daïkinee Standard-Bearer 15 1
Daïkinee Sylph 15 2 The Daïkinee Sylphs
Daïkinee Zephyr 25 2 The Daïkinee Zephyrs
Dream Warrior 30 1 The Dream Warriors
Genesis Scarab 13 1 The Genesis Scarab
Mandigorn Warrior 55 1
Scarab Warrior 30 3


Artifacts that came with blisters that are not reserved

Arrows of Alabaster

Fayery Lemure

Scepter of the Scarab


Miracles that came with blisters that are not reserved

Earhë's Eye

Mandigorn Resurrection


Spells that came with blisters that are not reserved

Emerald Veil

Phantasmagoric Fear

Wall of Thorns


  • The Daïkinee are one the smallest fieldable army within Confrontation.