The Claw of Shaenre

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The Claw of Shaenre

As all the Daïkinee sentries, Shaenre possesses a supernatural link with water, insects and plants. She understands their whispers and can communicate with them. This link is so strong that she can borrow for short time the strength of a plan and grow a sharp claw oozing poison.

2 Water Managem water.png

Path: Reserved to Shaenre

Range: 15 cm

Difficulty: 7

Duration: Special

Area of Effect: An enemy fighter

Frequency: 1

Intensity: 0

A.P.: 12

The target of this spell suffers a damage roll STR 6 with the effects of <Toxic / 2>.

Besides, Shaenre benefits from +2 ATT and STR till the end of the round.