The Bow-Spirit

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The Bow-Spirit

From the Daïkinee point of view, the forest of Quithayran is alive. It is conscious and can feel pain. Most of the fayrees living there have realized that the Rag'Narok could in fact be the end of their immortality. They are throwing all their forces into the battle to support the elves in their everyday struggle against their many enemies.

One of the fairies, bound to an ancient tree, symbol of the strength of the forest, has made a pact with Kurujaï, the champion of the Daïkinee archers. When the tree died, its spirit remained in a bow made from its wood. Kurujaï claims he can still hear its voice in the hiss of the arrows he shoots.

The Bow-Spirit is a symbiotic ranged weapon with the following characteristics: Bow-Spirit / STR 6, range 25-45-65. It gives <Master Archer> to Kurujaï.

For each Wound Kurujaï inflicts with this artifact, one friendly Daïkinee magicians located even partially within 20 cm gains one gem of mana, in the limits of his reserve. The player choose the Element among those mastered by the chosen magician.

This artifact is reserved to Kurujaï.

Cost: 10 A.P.