The Secret of the Chameleon

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The Secret of the Chameleon

Like many other young warriors of Quithayran, Numaë patrols the borders of the elven forest to scare away wayfarers and to prevent invasions. He sincerely loves nature and the forest. He is more tolerant than most of his kinsmen, but shows no mercy to those who spoil the Eternal forest and plunder its sanctuaries.

The fayree people of Quithayran, know that number will do anything to protect them. As a token of their faith, they have entrusted him with a powerful talisman that allows him to blend in with his environment. Numaë sometimes shares this power with the members of his war staff, who accompany the Daïkinee guardians on their journey.

Numaë gets <Scout>. If he is part of a war staff, the musician and the standard-bearer accompanying him also get this ability.

This artifact is reserved to Numaë.

Cost: 10 A.P.