The Quicksilver

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The Quicksilver

Onental is a loner. The reckless behavior of his early years had him outcast by the other Daïkinee and thus he became a bandit. Thief and smuggler, he plundered the resources of Quithayran and sold them to the humans. Until one day his life was turned upside down. He accompanied a small troop of Black Togas seeking to steal the energy of a nexus. When he heard the wail of the forest, hurt by such a magical desecration, he could not just stand there and watch. His elven instincts urged to him to protect the woods. He eventually slaughtered the Acheronians in a whirlwind of blades and blood. His reflexes were such that not a necromancer manager to land a blow.

The fayrees witnessed this burst of heroism and testified of Onental's repentance. They gave him the headband to celebrate his expiation.

The Quicksilver is activated at the beginning of the combat phase. Onental then makes an extra movement of 12.5 cm to engage an opponent. This move allows him to disengage for free from any combat in which he is involved.

The Quicksilver cannot be used when Onental is in rout.

This artifact is reserved to Onental.