Scepter of the Scarab

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Scepter of the Scarab

The scarab is for the Daikinee the symbol of great vital force. Through him, they thank Quithayran and Earhë for this gift. The priests of the Twilight goddess entertain such a close relationship with her that they can exalt this gift in their brothers and the fairy going by their side.

This artifact can be given to any Daikinee Character with a spiral of faith on its reference profile. There can be multiple Scepters of the Scarab in an army.

Its use is declared just before a friendly Daïkinee located within the faithful’s aura of faith suffers a Damage roll. The faithful spends 1 T.F. and the beneficiary immediately rolls a <Regeneration / X> test. If it’s a success, the beneficiary doesn’t heal a wound level, but the damage roll is cancelled. Despite the fact that the Regeneration test was a success, the target doesn't get a second test to win back a Wound level.

One Daïkinee can benefit from the effects of this artifact only once per round.

Cost: 8 A.P.