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Ever since she has been old enough to understand, Maneös is revolted by the wya the civilized nations waste the gifts of nature. She is persuaded that this plundering is responsible for the weakening of magic on Aarklash.

Being born of high birth, she became a warrior by conviction rather than out of necessity to avenge wild life. Thanks to Quithayran magic her wish came true. Goan, her sword, is filled with the anger of violated nature. When Maneös brandishes her weapon, she becomes a wild animal driven by a thirst for retaliation.

Goan is a symbiotic weapon. This artifact confers <War Fury> to Maneös.

A friendly Daïkinee magician situation within 10 cm or less of Maneös/in the same Unit as her (according to the game) can, during his own activation, spend 2 gems of Water and till the end of the round. Goan confers <Born Killer> to Maneös instead of <War Fury>.

Goan is reserved to Maneös.

Cost: 10 A.P.