Ghorak the Wild Beast

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Ghorak the Wild Beast

MOV: 12.5

INI: 5

ATT/STR: 8 / 11

DEF/RES: 4 / 8

AIM: -

COU: 7

DIS: 2

"You are living the last seconds of your life!"

Equipment: Amok flail. Armor. Naphta gauntlet / STR. Scimitar.

Abilities: <Bravery>. <Brutal>. <Implacable / 1>. <War Fury>.

(<Artifact / 2>. <Counter-Attack>. <Master-Strike / 0>. <Sequence / 2>.)

Rank: Orc Elite Champion. Tracker.

Cost: 129 AP

Included in The Trackers of Bran-Ô-Kor box (April 2003)

Jackal Tracker

Orc Tracker

Dayak of a Hundred Lives


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Swarm of Carrion Fowl

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Immortal Specter

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